II Media Forum-2019 Journalistic Freedom in the Context of Human Rights, New Technologies and International Information Security

15:27 22.11.2019 • Tom Wan , Editor-in-chief Glocal HK, member of Global Studies Institute (Hong Kong)
Tom Wan (Hong Kong), Editor-in-chief Glocal HK, member of Global Studies Institute.
“It’s been an honour being invited to the Forum this year. As one of the youngest and Asian presenter, I was able to interact with my European colleagues while they share their wisdom and research with me. I am particularly impressed by the last panel which i attended, on ICT in the context of the media. As the new media world is heading towards algorithm dominated, fake news flooding, social media echo chambers, it is all the more important for media with ethics and standards to find a viable business model in this new landscape. There’s still optimism to be had in liberalism and accountability, albeit time is running against us.”


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