Israeli Ambassador to the UN: We will provide Ukraine with missiles, drone alert system

10:49 28.02.2024 •

Drone Guard technology developed by the Israel Aerospace Industries.

Israel plans to transfer early warning systems for missile strikes and drone attacks to the Ukrainian army, Israeli permanent representative to the UN Gilad Erdan said during a meeting of the UN General Assembly on February 26.

"Israel is working toward supplying Ukraine with early warning systems" for protection against Russian missile strikes and drone attacks. We are forced to develop expertizing in this field, and we are ready to share our capability with our Ukrainian friends in need," Erdan said in his speech.

He also said Israel has been supporting Ukraine since the first weeks of the full-scale Russian invasion.

"Israel sent more than 100 tonnes of humanitarian equipment to our Ukrainian allies within one week of the Russian invasion. We also established field hospitals within Ukraine's border, which treated over 7,000 injured, hundreds of Ukrainian patients have also been treated in hospitals and rehabilitation centres across Israel," the Israeli representative said.

Israeli media reports dating back to September 2022 said an Israeli arms manufacturer was supplying the anti-UAV systems to Ukraine via Poland, citing a source in the arms firm, noting that the sales were conducted through Warsaw to circumvent "Tel Aviv's" refusal to sell advanced arms to Ukraine.

The firm reportedly informed the Israeli Ministry of Security that it was selling arms to Poland, though it pretended not to know the latter was then giving the weapons to Kyiv to use against Russia.

The anti-UAV systems enable their users to intercept and disrupt drones. Classified as "advanced defensive technology", the systems are not approved for sale to Kyiv, though Tel Aviv did not seem to be interested in foiling the deal.

Israel and Ukraine are fighting a battle against humanity and international humanitarian law, Russian First Deputy Permanent Representative to the United Nations Dmitry Polyansky said.

"Ukraine and Israel are definitely fighting the same battle – against humanity and international humanitarian law!" the Russian diplomat wrote on his page on X.

"Together with the United Nations we will resist Israel’s attempts to present killing of civilians in Gaza in blatant violation of international humanitarian law as fight with terrorists. In the same way as Ukraine was trying to present its 10 year-long killing of civilians in Donbass as fight with terrorists and finally got rebuffed by the International Court of Justice," Polyansky warned.

"Delirium continues… A week ago we heard from the Israeli Representative that 'the United Nations is Hamas.' Today – that Russia is Hamas," Polyansky wrote, referring to a recent remark by Gilad Erdan, Israel’s UN Ambassador, who compared Russia’s actions in Ukraine to the Hamas attack on Israel.


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