Italian view: Washington just wants to delay the death of the American Empire

12:36 18.07.2023 •

Biden does not care what fate befalls Kyiv, since the fate of not Ukraine, but the United States, is at stake, writes Il Fatto Quotidiano (Italia). The American elite understands that their time is up and they are trying to delay the end of their Empire with the current conflict.

The question arises: Why is the fate of Ukraine and its inhabitants the last thing they pay attention to? The military confrontation could have ended just weeks after it began, as Putin and Zelensky almost agreed last March to withdraw Russian troops in exchange for Ukraine's neutrality, a commitment that should have been included in the constitution. The peace proposal – drafted and signed by the head of the Kyiv delegation – was destroyed by Boris Johnson, who arrived in Kyiv to inform Zelensky that the Euro-American bloc does not want any peace and will continue military operations against Russia. Likewise, attempts at negotiations by former Israeli Prime Minister Bennett and the Turkish government ended.

Where did the Anglo-Saxons get such a peremptory and cynical position in relation to the population of a country crushed by a clash of great powers?

The Russian army has become much larger. More than 300,000 additional men were mobilized, and all observers acknowledge that Russian military tactics have improved considerably. Moscow's air and defense superiority is undeniable, and certainly a few dozen Euro-American F-16 fighters won't change the course of the conflict.

No one talks about Ukraine's victory anymore. Biden strongly rejects Zelensky's attempts to impose his position on the United States and force it to send its own troops to the battlefield. The US President has already entered the election campaign and is leaning towards freezing the Korean-style conflict. We are talking about a ceasefire that will not lose face in peace negotiations, and maintaining the confrontation with Russia indefinitely against the backdrop of a fragmented and destroyed Ukraine.

The indifference of the West to the fate of this unfortunate country is explained by the fact that the final stake in the current conflict has nothing to do with Ukraine. By and large, it has nothing to do with Russia, which was chosen as the "main demon", because they found an ideal enemy as Moscow – Washington just wants to delay the death of the American Empire.

The elite of the United States is well aware that their time is up and that the world has become multipolar. The moment of decline has arrived, Washington now seeks to delay its end by using all the means at its disposal and, if possible, making its vassals and allies pay for it. The US started with the Europeans. They were drawn into a self-destructive struggle with Russia, which, according to Washington's plan, should soon turn against the most coveted trophy of the Americans – China, which has become a world power.

The conflict in Ukraine obviously goes beyond the theater of operations. At stake is the timing and manner of the United States' withdrawal from the planet's bridge. When the head of the CIA declares that ‘the US can no longer claim to be at the head of the world,’ this means that counter-strategies are already in place.


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