Josep Borrell now is not a diplomat – but a military hawk

11:27 15.03.2023 •

The defense ministers of the 27 EU countries meeting in Stockholm approved the plan – Josep Borrell (photo), EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy presented it – for "the joint purchase of large-caliber ammunition". Borrell said: "We are in times of war and we must have a war mentality," informs Manlio Dinucci Italian journalist, columnist of «L’art de la guerre»at italien «Il manifesto».

Then Borrell has illustrated the Plan, which includes three phases:

1) To draw artillery shells, especially 155 mm ones, from stocks of EU Member States and immediately supply them to Ukraine. The money comes from the European Peace Facility (EPF), which has already set aside €3.6 billion (paid by European citizens) for this purpose.

2) To achieve an agreement between the 27 EU Member States for the joint purchase of 155 mm shells by signing the first seven-year contracts as early as next month. This is a "massive order" both to restore and augment national stockpiles and to secure supplies to Ukraine

3) To ensure the long-term increase of ammunition production in Europe support defense industries to secure supplies to Ukraine in the long term. (The EU expects to supply about one million artillery shells).

Borrell also communicated that “by the end of March, our Military Assistance Mission will train more than 11,000 Ukrainian soldiers. By the end of the year, we expect to train 30,000 soldiers.”

The EU has allocated 18 billion euros to support Ukraine (they are always paid by European citizens). It also summed up the purpose of the Plan with these words: "To win peace, Ukraine must win the war. And that is why we must continue to support Ukraine in order to win the peace.”

The European Union thus openly goes to war against Russia within the framework of the increasingly dangerous US-NATO strategy, notes Manlio Dinucci.


…With such a leader of European diplomacy as Borrell, Europe will come not to Peace but to Defeat and Devastation. And  Borrel personally will be responsible for this.  If this is the main goal, the EU can only regret.


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