Macron announces, “An advance of the front towards Odessa or towards Kyiv, could trigger an intervention” by France

9:47 09.03.2024 •

Macron is in too much of a hurry…

The Head of State received the heads of political parties, informs ‘Independent’ from Paris. This Thursday at midday, Emmanuel Macron received the party leaders.

The objective: to redefine the line of support against Ukraine. Or rather, reaffirm it again.

Indeed, the head of state persisted and signed after being in favor of sending troops to Ukraine on February 26: “There are no limits and no red lines,” concluded Jordan Bardella ( National Rally) which summed up the sentiment of the opposition. “I arrived worried and I left more worried,” summarized the coordinator of La France insoumise Manuel Bompard. “It continues to increase the level of direct involvement of France.”

According to Fabien Roussel (communist party), Emmanuel Macron mentioned the scenario "which could initiate an intervention": an advance of the front "towards Odessa or towards Kyiv", supporting map.

The Kremlin's response was scathing. His spokesperson Dmitri Peskov said: "Mr. Macron is convinced of his policy of wanting to inflict a strategic defeat on our country and he continues to increase the level of direct involvement of France."

Conflict in Ukraine “could degenerate into continental war,” senior Russian army officer warns.

…Macron begins to play a dangerous game.


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