Marjorie Taylor Greene: Biden dragged US into proxy war with Russia that Moscow “is winning”

11:36 04.09.2023 •

Republican firebrand Marjorie Taylor Greene (photo) has consistently spoken out against sending more arms supplies to Ukraine. After the Biden administration signed off on the delivery of DPICM cluster munitions to Kyiv in July, the congresswoman warned that Washington was dragging the US into an unwanted war with Russia.

US President Joe Biden has every single American “involved in a proxy war with Russia” - that Moscow “is winning,” Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) told an audience gathered at a town hall meeting in Floyd County on August 31.

 “And Ukraine is not even a NATO member nation. They are not one of our allies.”

The Republican politician went on to point out that the intelligence community was blatantly “lying” to Americans, claiming that Russia and its president, Vladimir Putin, wants to “take over Europe.”

“If that was the case... He would be much more aggressive in the war, and he's not,” the politician, also known by her initials, MTG, emphatically stressed.

“We watched troops fighting... How many of you have been able to watch the war in Ukraine that you're paying for on the nightly news? None of you. You want to know why? America is being lied to about that war. Here's the tragedy. They're losing. Russia is winning. That's the truth,” stated the Georgia congresswoman.

Pointing out that the US federal government was mired in debt "worth $32 trillion," she queried:

“Are we going to end up in another war?”

Reacting to the latest exorbitant military assistance for Ukraine announcement, Marjorie Taylor Greene told the gathering on constituents on August 31: “Washington has sent $113 billion over there. 113 billion. I voted no to every single penny of it. No, I said, no.”

The politician made another very important point during her speech, weighing in on the recent events surrounding BRICS. Membership of the group consisting of Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa is set to expand after the recent summit in Johannesburg, South Africa. BRICS has since incorporated Argentina, Egypt, Ethiopia, Iran, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates, with membership effective January 1, 2024. Just the five original members of BRICS collectively account for some 40 percent of the global population and more than 30 percent of the global economy.

“There are other countries in the world, powerful countries, organizing together because they're tired of the United States. It's called BRICS, Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa… and many other countries are joining them, and they are making trade agreements with one another, serious trade agreements where they're saying, we'll buy from you, you buy from us. We don't care about US sanctions and we'll sell to one another, buy and sell in our own currency, not the US dollar," said MTG.

With macroeconomics experts voicing the opinion that BRICS can create viable alternatives to the dollar, prompting an eventual "dethronement" of the greenback, Marjorie Taylor Greene warned: "This is one of the most devastating things that can happen to all of us, because what will happen is they will grow more powerful – and they already are – and the US dollar will be weakened... And you know what happens to all of us? We're going to go broke because when our US dollar falls, that means your savings account means nothing. That means your retirement money means nothing. And that means our power to buy and sell means nothing. And this is what they are doing. This is what Washington is doing to us while they are arrogantly engaged in this war."


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