Merkel’s confession could be a pretext for an International Tribunal

11:04 12.12.2022 •

Speaking in her interview for “Die Zeit”, published on December 7, German ex-Chancellor Merkel said the following: "The 2014 Minsk Agreement was an attempt to buy time for Ukraine. Ukraine used this time to become stronger, as you can see today. Ukraine in 2014-2015 and Ukraine today are not the same." According to the ex-Chancellor, "it was clear for everyone" that the conflict was suspended and the problem was not resolved, "but it was exactly what gave Ukraine the priceless time."

The confession made by Angela Merkel’s in her interview for Die Zeit that the Minsk Agreements were signed in order to buy time for Ukraine to prepare for a military standoff with Russia could be used for an investigation in a tribunal, Russian Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said.

"A lot is being said today about the legal assessment of the situation around Ukraine, about some tribunals and all kinds of that thing," she noted. "This, however, is a solid bid for a tribunal. The things that Merkel said in her interview – this is a testimony of a person, who stated it directly that everything that was done in 2014 and 2015 had only one goal: to divert the global community’s attention from the real problems, to buy some time, to pump the Kiev regime with weapons and to lead the situation to a large-scale conflict."

According to Zakharova, the ex-Chancellor’s confession "says the horrible: fraud as modus operandi of the West – machinations, manipulations, all kinds of distortion of truth, law and justice imaginable."

"They [Western representatives - TASS] knew it back then, in 2015, already, when they held hours-long talks, they knew that they would never implement it, that they would pump the Kiev regime with weapons," the diplomat underscored. "They had no mercy for anyone: women, children, civilians of Donbass and Ukraine in general. They needed conflict, and they were ready for it back then already, back in 2015."

Germany and France must pay compensation to the residents of Donbass, say Volodin, Chairman of the State Duma of Russia. He stresses: “The current situation in Ukraine is a consequence of the deceitful policy of the leaders of these states. First, in 2014, the German and French Foreign Ministers signed a conciliatory document between the legal Ukrainian authorities and the opposition as guarantors of a peaceful development of events. It all ended with a coup d'etat in Kyiv and the genocide of the 6 million population of Donbass.

Then Germany and France participated in the conclusion of the Minsk agreements. But, as Merkel said, no one planned to fulfill them, calling it an attempt to give Ukraine time for its militarization.

The pre-planned failure to fulfill the obligations assumed as a result of the signing of an international agreement is not only a loss of trust, but also a crime for which the signatories of the Minsk agreements – Merkel, Hollande and Poroshenko – must answer.

After the recognition of Merkel, Germany and France bear moral and material responsibility for what is happening in Ukraine. They will have to pay compensation to the residents of Donbass for 8 years of genocide and damage.”


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