Mexico to tax imports of genetically modified corn

10:30 02.07.2023 •

Food products expressed on the basis of GMs are very dangerous for human health.

In a move aimed at supporting national production and preventing imports of genetically modified (GM) corn, Mexico has imposed a 50 percent tariff on white corn imports.

The policy, which will be in force until the end of the year, comes amid a trade dispute over genetically modified corn between Mexico and Canada and the US.

"In an effort to control inflation, white corn was exempted from tariffs imposed earlier this year, but this has not generated a significant impact on the decrease in prices in the national market, so it is considered appropriate to eliminate it," the Mexican government said.

White corn (photo) imported into Mexico mainly come from the US and South Africa.

Mexico wants to restrict genetically modified white corn for human consumption and eventually also veto GM yellow corn for animal feed, but both the US and Canada have claimed that Mexico's concerns about the risk of GM corn is "not grounded in science."

After talks with the Mexican government failed to yield results, Canada announced that it would join a US-led trade dispute panel questioning Mexico's proposed limits on imports of GM corn, which was opened on 2nd June.

The panel of experts would have some six months to study the complaint and release its findings, and if Mexico is found to have violated the US-Mexico-Canada free trade agreement, sanctions could be imposed.

In response, President Andrs Manuel Lopez Obrador said that only domestic white corn should be used for human consumption.


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