Mike Pompeo on Russian-China alliance: “We aren’t victims but have to be”

12:03 23.03.2023 •

Former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on Fox News weighs in on the Biden administration's response to the meeting between Presidents Xi and Putin:

- To hear the White House place this down as if it’s unimportant is a strategic mistake. They often speak in riddles but this is no riddle.

- The Biden administration allowed the Chinese and Russians to come together and presents a risk to every American citizen.

- A couple things we should think of…1,000 nuclear weapons to add to the Chinese arsenal.

- Now two members of the U.N. Security council join against the United States of America. Bad for the United States as well.

- I think we may be in a situation again where this administration has drawn a ‘red line’ and the Chinese communist party has crossed it willy-nilly.

- We spent a lot of time thinking our way through how to separate the Chinese communist party and Russia. They have now found a way to come together...

- The economic engagement between the two is important and will impact the United States and jobs all around our country. And we should be absolutely on point in pushing back against what it is they’re trying to do.

- We aren’t victims but have to be.


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