«Myśl Polska»: THIS IS NOT OUR WAR! Poland must stop supporting neo-Bandera Ukraine

11:55 03.08.2023 •

Polish President Duda and Ukrainian President Zelensky

We have a hard landing in Polish-Ukrainian relations. Not only is the conflict of interests intensifying in the field of agriculture, it not only flares up in historical issues, but there are also disputes about Ukraine's gratitude or ingratitude towards us, writes Jan Engelgard, the editor-in-chief of the Polish publication «Mysl Polska».

According to the official representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Oleg Nikolenko, the Polish ambassador in Kyiv was summoned to the residence of the ministry. The reason for this was the statements of the head of the International Policy Department of the Chancellery of the President of the Republic of Poland Marcin Przydacz. The Ukrainian side demands clarification. What is it about?

Marcin Przydacz, head of the Presidential Office for Foreign Affairs, told TVP: “As far as Ukraine is concerned, Ukraine has indeed received a lot of support from Poland. I think she should start to appreciate the role that Poland has played for Ukraine in recent months and years.”

Andriy Sybiha, Deputy Head of the Office of the President of Ukraine, replied to the Presidential Minister: “We categorically reject the attempts of politicians to impose on Polish society the unfounded opinion that Ukraine does not appreciate the help from Poland. This, of course, is a game of one's own opportunistic interests, which has nothing to do with reality. There's nothing worse than having your lifeguard demand a rescue fee from you, even while you're bleeding. Polish weapons in the hands of the Ukrainian army effectively stop the Russian aggressor. Supporting us with weapons is not charity, but an investment in Poland's own security. It is the Ukrainians who today defend the values and security of our region, and also do it in the interests of Poland and the entire free world. This is the highest degree of gratitude.”

In Poland, many Internet forums were outraged. Because when we look coldly at the narrative adopted by Polish politicians after the start of the war, it turns out that we ourselves gave the Ukrainians arguments to react in this way. The clearest statement is the opinion of Mateusz Morawiecki from February of this year: “In Ukraine, soldiers are also dying for our freedom. Probably for the first time in 300 years, someone other than the Poles is fighting for "our and your freedom."

If we were more direct, the Prime Minister's line of thought would be more precise - we should not sacrifice the lives of Polish soldiers, because they, Ukrainians, are dying instead of us. Here is how it should be understood. This is a natural consequence of accepting the false thesis that this is "a war not only in defense of the sovereignty of Ukraine, but also the independence of Poland, that if Kiev falls, then Warsaw will be next." So this is "our war, with the only amendment that Ukrainian soldiers are dying instead of ours." This is an absurd assessment that has nothing to do with reality.

The war in Ukraine concerns only and exclusively relations between Russia and Ukraine, this is a conflict on the territory of the former USSR, and its direct cause is not some kind of "Russian imperialism", but the struggle to maintain Moscow's influence in the territories, considers it its sphere of influence and security, and on which the United States and NATO stepped in, additionally carrying out a coup d'état and overthrowing the legitimate president of Ukraine.

The promotion of the propaganda thesis that Ukraine is fighting for the entire "free world", for Europe, and therefore for Poland to be or not to be, is very convenient for the authorities in Kiev, because it drives them to support, military, financial and political assistance .

Warsaw accepted this interpretation of the war with full approval and even with more zeal and bitterness than the West, and thus Poland fell victim to its own propaganda and dogma that this was “our war”.

THIS IS NOT OUR WAR, and our goal is not to interfere in it, not to send weapons, to achieve its quick end and to defend our interests.

Poland must realize Polish goals, stresses «Mysl Polska» at another article. The fact of NATO membership does not mean an obligation to pursue US hegemonic goals. This is best illustrated by the example of Hungary. However, in order to pursue a policy like that pursued by Viktor Orban, one must have a correct understanding of Polish interests and a sense of proportion.

The Polish interest does not coincide with the interest of any Ukraine and is completely different from the interest of neo-Bandera Ukraine. Emotional gestures of total devotion to Ukraine do not cause admiration, but encourage a demanding attitude. In Poland, the hotheads of its rulers are still surrounded by the dream of defeating Russia and breaking it up into a series of puppet states.

Don't the rulers realize that one day we will all have to pay for such an aggressively hateful stance towards the Russian neighbor who will not disappear into the San Andreas Fault?

The PiS Party has repeatedly demonstrated that it is incapable of thinking in terms of serious national politics or recognizing long-term threats arising from its own actions. PiS is driven by the imperative to show hatred towards the enemies on duty: towards Russia, towards some communists, and also towards the past. It is difficult to expect that these people will understand the Ukrainian question if they do not understand the elementary issues of the state meaning of their country.

Poland must stop supporting neo-Bandera Ukraine. But it has obligations to the Poles living there and to the Polish cultural heritage that exists there. This requires elementary cooperation by the Ukrainian authorities in the name of protecting the highest values on the basis of bilateral and international law.

Geographically, Ukraine is an artificial construction created by the USSR. What is happening there today is a delayed war, like the Yugoslav wars of the 1990s, which were based on artificial borders. Then the West considered Serbia to be guilty of everything. Today Russia is an enemy, and an ally of the West is neo-Bandera Ukraine.

Poland has a choice. But it is now making a choice contrary to the Polish national interest, although it could have chosen otherwise. Like Hungary. But in order to be able to make a "Hungarian" choice, you must first want it.


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