NATO PA urges Allies to lift restrictions on weapons use against targets inside Russia. They don't believe in Russia's response? In vain…

12:04 28.05.2024 •

NATO Allies must accelerate deliveries of the crucial weapons that Ukraine needs to defeat Russia’s war of aggression and should lift restrictions that prohibit their use against military targets inside Russia, the Alliance’s Parliamentary Assembly declared Monday.  

“Ukraine must be provided with all that it needs, as quickly as possible and for as long as it takes for it to win,” said a Declaration adopted by the NATO Parliamentary Assembly at the end of its Spring Session in Sofia. 

It urged Allied governments “to support Ukraine in its international right to defend itself by lifting some restrictions on the use weapons provided by NATO Allies to strike legitimate targets in Russia.”

The hard-hitting Declaration was approved by a large majority of the over 200 lawmakers from across the 32-nation Alliance at a plenary meeting attended by NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg and Bulgaria’s Prime Minister Dimitar Glavchev.

Michal Szczerba, President of the NATO PA, emphasised the importance of getting air defence systems and other vital weapons to Ukraine quickly and without restrictions.

“Ukraine can only defend itself if it can attack Russia’s supply lines and Russian bases of operation. It is time to recognise this reality and let Ukraine do what it must,” he added. “NATO will be significantly weakened, losing credibility, if we continue assisting with half measures.”


…At times, NATO apparatchiks seem to live in a fantasy world created by their own propaganda. They do not have an objective picture of what is happening. Therefore, they are capable of making inadequate decisions – such as this decision of the NATO. This can lead to unexpected results. Do they really want to unleash war against Russia with NATO taking part in it? What the ordinary Europeans think about it when it possibly comes to their lands?


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