Newsweek: Biden is responsible for the obliteration of Ukraine and annihilation of Ukrainians

11:31 09.01.2024 •

President Joe Biden walks down a train corridor to his cabin after a visit to Kyiv.
Photo: AP

President Joe Biden's sparring match with Congress over emergency aid to Ukraine, without which most analysts predict Ukraine will collapse, has not produced additional billions for Kyiv. Congress delayed the decision till January, when it comes back from the holiday break. But regardless of what transpires in January, Ukraine's fate is clear: more death and destruction, more bloodshed in 2024.

Biden is responsible for the obliteration of Ukraine and annihilation of Ukrainians, stresses Rebekah Koffler, a strategic military intelligence analyst, former senior official at the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) at Newsweek.

Biden as vice president was the Obama administration go-to person on Ukraine policy and the architect of the Russia "reset" strategy to promote friendship between the two nations. Unfortunately, he ignored intelligence about the threat posed by Russia. As a former senior official in the U.S. Defense Intelligence Agency and one of the top three analysts on Russian doctrine and strategy in the intelligence community, I personally briefed President Obama's White House national security staff on Putin's plans and Russia's war-fighting strategy multiple times.

Biden had to have been made aware of those briefings given his position. And yet, not only did he fail to develop a counterstrategy to deter Putin, Biden and his team, many of whom would later join his presidential administration, continued the dangerous strategy of pushing Ukraine toward NATO membership.

To think that Putin would fail to enforce his version of the Monroe Doctrine and allow NATO to absorb Ukraine, on which Russia relied for its security for centuries, was not simply incompetent. It amounted to signing Ukraine's death sentence. No sane military commander would allow an adversarial alliance to situate itself along more than 1,000 miles of its border. No U.S. Commander-in-Chief would let China or Russia station its forces in Mexico or Canada. To think that Putin would was delusional.

Putin's strategy, which he developed over the course of 20 years, sought to exploit U.S. vulnerabilities, studied by Russia for decades, in order to keep Washington from entering conflict on Russia's periphery. Moscow was determined to reestablish its strategic security perimeter lost in the aftermath of the collapse of the USSR.

Closing these vulnerabilities or developing counter-measures would require serious intellectual firepower and significant funding. Instead, Biden chose to use the American people as the cash cow and Ukrainians as the flesh to throw in Putin's meat grinder. To cover up for its failures while sucking U.S. taxpayers dry, Washington deployed a propaganda narrative insisting that it was helping Ukraine fight for its democracy. Ukraine, the most corrupt country in Europe.

Ukraine is now being wiped out by Russia, which holds an overwhelming military and economic advantage over its former Soviet neighbor. And yet, Biden continues to try to strong arm Congress into coughing up billions more for the Kyiv regime, assuring Americans that victory is right around the corner.


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