Newsweek: Environment workers die in plane crash on way to Ohio, spark conspiracies

11:45 01.03.2023 •

Five environmentalists heading to East Palestine, Ohio to provide “environmental support” in Bedford, Ohio after a metal plant mysteriously exploded earlier this week, died in a plane crash in Little Rock, Arkansas.

Airplane crash in Little Rock, Arkansas, killed five employees of an environmental consultancy headed to investigate a recent industrial plant explosion in Ohio, sparking conspiracy theories about the accident, writes Newsweek.

There has been speculation online that the plane crash had somehow been intentional, with several people claiming it was the work of the federal government.

Many users appeared to think, erroneously, that the victims' planned trip to Ohio was to work on the toxic train derailment in East Palestine, which has also been the subject of conspiracy theories.

Errol Webber, a film producer and former Republican candidate, responded to the news claiming: "You can't put it past The Democrats to kill a few people to advance their agenda."

"There was a time when you thought, yeah coincidences do happen," one Twitter user wrote. "Bro we straight up watching a real-ass conspiracy unfold in real time," another claimed. Another tweet said that the story had all the hallmarks of "a conspiracy theorist's wet dream."

The small twin-engine Beechcraft BE20 airplane crashed shortly after taking off from Bill and Hillary Clinton National Airport, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) told Newsweek. It had been headed to John Glenn Columbus International Airport in Columbus, Ohio.

The plane crashed near an industrial area a few miles to the south of the Little Rock airport. The Pulaski County, Arkansas, Sheriff's Office confirmed it had responded at about noon local time (11 a.m. ET) to the site of a small aircraft crash, identifying it as near a 3M plant.

A preliminary report from the FAA showed four passengers and the pilot had died in the crash, which was being treated as an accident. It said the plane had been "destroyed."

CTEH, an environmental consulting firm based in North Little Rock, said all five killed were its employees.

The FAA said the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) would lead an investigation into the cause of the air crash, but that it would also be involved. It would not comment on a possible reason for the crash, which in its preliminary report was described as happening "under unknown circumstances" and having caused a "post-crash fire."


…Strange case. People wanted to investigate a gigantic accident that threatens to become "American Chernobyl". And their plane suddenly crashes in the center of America and everyone dies...


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