"Nutrition strategy for Germany": sausage is banned!

10:36 27.05.2023 •

Olaf Sholz & Cem Ösedmir (right).

German Federal Minister of Food Cem Ozdemir (from the Green Party) plans to radically reduce the consumption of meat by all citizens of the country.

The goal is to "transform the entire food system" in favor of the climate.

A “vegetarian diet” is planned for everyone and a maximum of 10 grams of meat per day per capita.

Green Food Minister Cem Ösedmir is planning a "German Food Strategy" that is to be innovative for all citizens and mandatory in public institutions.

One of the key issues: a sharp reduction in meat consumption per capita. This should obviously serve not only human health. Rather, a comprehensive change in the food habits of Germans in favor of sustainability and climate is required.

The key document of the Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture (BMEL) on the "Nutrition Strategy for Germany" states: "The transition of the entire food system to a plant-based diet is the most important adjustment screw in the field of nutrition in Germany" to match our national and international climate, biodiversity and achieve the sustainable development goals”.

The food industry is already aware of the concrete measures by which the new nutrition targets are to be achieved. “In the future, the recommended daily requirement for poultry should be less than one gram,” says Wiebke von Segger, head of department of the Central Association of the German Poultry Industry (ZDG).

Eckhard Heuser of the Dairy Industry Association spoke about the "suggested 10 grams of meat per day." And commented: “That would be equivalent to one curry sausage a month!”

A vote on this issue is already scheduled in the Bundestag in June, Özdemir's food strategy should be adopted at the end of the year and then implemented step by step. The new DGE quality standards in catering, i.e. in kindergartens, schools, canteens, etc., should also be mandatory for everyone and put into effect by 2030.


..It is somewhat ridiculous - Germany was always famous for it has 200 varieties of sausages. What will they do during Oktoberfest?


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