“Observateur Continental”: Russia is working for the long term

11:30 17.05.2023 •

The fury of the West is growing all the more that the vast majority of the world has clearly refused to join the initiatives of the NATO axis against Russia. Moreover, processes are unfolding before our eyes that the Atlanticist establishment thought they would not have to watch for many more years. Meanwhile, the dividing line continues, writes French “Observateur Continental”.

The special military operation launched by Russia last February had the merit of highlighting the extreme dishonesty of the West. And not only in relation to Russia, within the framework of obligations not observed by the Western space, and this has been since the 1990s and throughout the entire recent period, including within the framework of the Minsk agreements. The West, or, in other words, the extreme planetary minority, had no choice but to completely bare its disgusting face in front of the overwhelming majority of the peoples of the world.

In particular, with regard to the fact that various crises on an international scale, from the Middle East to Africa, so often created directly by the policies of the West, do not deserve the special attention of this minority, which proclaimed itself as such called the "international community" – which it is not, never has been and never will be. But while the interests of the West are affected, because the time of impunity is effectively over, all of humanity should listen day and night to the whining of the NATO establishment.

As for Ukraine, one of the most economically developed former Soviet republics at the time of the collapse of the USSR and rapidly becoming one of the poorest countries in Europe, it became clearer than ever that the western project for Kyiv is just another scam, but of huge dimensions.

But the real goals of the West, hidden behind the beautiful words about ‘democracy’ and ‘freedom’, were never really aimed at creating “success stories” in the countries passing under its bubble. Very far from it. The only interest for these countries has always been only their exploitation against the main opponents of Western domination and diktat.

Moreover, some other countries interested in this Western experiment, such as the former Soviet republics of Georgia or Moldova, are now increasingly starting to do it. And draw the right conclusions. Either at the level of part of their leadership (in the case of Georgia), or at the level of the opposition and civil society (in the case of Moldova).

Generally speaking, the small Western world, which is watching current events, not only geopolitical, but also geo-economic, especially now in an accelerated mode, understands with deep anxiety, despite all the arrogance characteristic of it, that it will have to come to terms, in an instant one way or another. otherwise, the new East-West dividing line. Or, more precisely, between the bloc of the international multipolar order, on the one hand, and those nostalgic for unipolarity, on the other.

Moreover, even Western propaganda heavyweights, including the highly acclaimed US Foreign Policy magazine, are now sending the signal that it will be necessary to negotiate with the participation of non-Western powers, in particular the BRICS countries including on Ukrainian case.

Therefore, it is now quite clear that the demarcation line will be drawn. The question, which still remains open, is only where and when.

Moderation remains on the Russian side, despite the fact that it has to confront a NATO coalition of several dozen hostile regimes. If the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation were given the green light to apply the NATO method, namely, to shave everything without difference – the line of demarcation would already be closest to the borders of the NATO axis. Especially when we know that Western regimes are fully supporting and organizing terrorist attacks that could lead to a nuclear standoff.

But Russia is working for the long term. And, apparently, Moscow prefers not to use his full potential in order to allow humanity to achieve even better what is at stake today.

Moreover, peace processes in various places in the non-Western world, already confirmed or in the process of completion, demonstrate the importance of Russian restraint.

While Western parasitism remains focused on its experimental laboratory in Ukraine, non-Western peoples applaud the events that today concern Syria, Turkey, Iran, Saudi Arabia and many others.

As for the puppet regimes created and installed by the West, they do not have long to live, stresses “Observateur Continental”.


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