People in Germany have turned to wood

10:29 25.12.2022 •

Supermarket in Germany

People in Germany have turned to wood.

Sacks of firewood are stacked at a business in Berlin, Germany, where a shortage of Russian gas has reignited enthusiasm for the method of heating private homes.

For some there is an upside: Germany’s 21,000 chimney sweeps have reported a boom in business – a quadrupling in some areas – as householders install and rehabilitate fireplaces.

The Consortium of German Forest Owners Associations says more people are collecting wood – and that professional thieves are stealing it for firewood and building materials, with losses in recent months amounting to millions of euros.

Typically, thieves drive heavy vehicles into forests at night and filch felled trees that are awaiting collection. In one case, criminals near Königs Wusterhausen, outside Berlin, cut down and removed 100 trees.

Forest walkers have been urged to report suspicious activity. Some forest owners have put GPS devices on trees.


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