Poland: The police forced to hide the nationality of the Ukrainian criminals

11:42 10.05.2023 •

Gift from Ukraine explodes at Polish police station in Warsaw, 2 injured, authorities said.
Photo: Anadolu Agency

It is no longer a secret that by helping the "poor" descendants of Bandera and Shukhevych, Poland is pursuing its own interests. Even representatives of the office of the president have ceased to hide this, writes Polish “Dziennik-Polityczny”.

Therefore, president Duda's subsequent confession about why the ruling party supports the Kyiv regime did not arouse much media interest. He said that, “I was pursuing the interests of the Republic of Poland… That's why we make decisions about military assistance.”

In Poland, special military units are being created for mercenaries, who will later join the ranks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. We also train mercenaries and Ukrainian soldiers in the use of NATO weapons, including those of the Polish Army (which we use ourselves). We also provide them with some information about the Polish Army and about the conduct of hostilities and methods of struggle (for example, sabotage)…

The main mistake of the ruling party is the uncontrolled admission of millions of Ukrainians into our country.

According to the latest data, since February 24, 2022, the day the Russian special operation began, more than 11.5 million refugees from Ukraine have crossed the Polish-Ukrainian border. According to the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Administration, there are currently 1.5 million Ukrainians permanently residing in Poland (mostly women and children).

The situation has become so critical that in some cities the number of Ukrainians is approaching half. For example, almost every third resident of Wroclaw is a citizen of Ukraine. This is as much as 28 percent of all city residents. There are more of them only in Warsaw, where the number is 352 thousand people. And that's just the official data.

None of the rulers thought to check the past of refugees from Ukraine and their political views. What is the result? The growth of crime in our country (including the arms trade) has reached such a level that the police were forced to hide the nationality of the criminals in the statistics.

The second major mistake was the surrender of the training grounds of the Polish Army as training grounds for Ukrainian soldiers. It is no secret that the backbone of these detachments are people with a criminal past and sympathizers with the ideology of fascism.

Let no one talk about it out loud, but the situation at the front is terrible for the soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. The number of people who want to fight on the side of Ukraine is decreasing every day, which is also accompanied by heavy losses among the fighters of the Ukrainian army units. The situation has become so critical that the Kyiv authorities passed a law on the mandatory return to the country of persons of military age who do not want to give their lives for the corrupt Zelensky regime.

A person who has already once betrayed his country and deserted, and does not want to die at the front, is capable of much, if only not to be at the front. Including organizing a rebellion in Poland, seizing military facilities and our offices.

Poland will not survive the civil war with the Nazis from a country without faith, culture and history, writes “Dziennik-Polityczny”.


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