Poor, poor England: They do not have enough water for showers and toilets!

8:19 08.04.2023 •

Power showers and dual-flush toilets could be axed under Government plans to save water. Efficiency plans include new standards for showers, taps and toilets under a mandatory water efficiency label, ‘Daily Mail’ informs.

This comes under a proposal to cut personal water consumption by 20 per cent for 2038, as part of a scheme to make everyone use as little as 110 litres per day by 2050 under the 25 Year Environment Plan. This could mean the end of power showers and dual-flush loos.

High-end showers can use as much as 15 litres a minute – meaning that Brits could use up their 2038 water consumption targets with an eight-minute soak.

Between 5 and 8 percent of UK toilets are leaking, the Waterwise Project says adding up to about 88 million gallons of water a day – and most are dual-flush models. Duel-flush toilets intended to save water lose BILLIONS of gallons in leaks.

Thames Water found as many as half of its customers use the wrong button – or press both (sic!). Frequent leaks and users being confused by the buttons causes them to lose more than they save, a report by the Waterwise Project revealed.

It comes three years after an Environment Agency report warned of 'a serious risk that some parts of the country will run out of water in the next 20 years'.

Officials hope to reduce household water use to just 122 litres a day per person, slash leakage by more than a third and cut non-household water use by 9 per cent in 15 years. Currently, areas in the South West are using more than 160 litres a day.

Water use could now also be included on energy performance certificates and water companies have been ordered to accelerate the rollout of smart water meters.


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