Popularization of the Russian word МИР

14:24 12.12.2018 • Dmitry Misyurov

To cultivate peaceful progress in the world, let us make this Russian word МИР popular in positive meanings in various countries.

Let us collect artwork, photographs, collages, artifacts, etc. that promote МИР.

Even the simplest positive artistic decoration of the letters of the word МИР or a simple application of the word МИР to your existing work can be a contribution “to peace and progress in the whole world”, which in Russian sounds with the help of the word МИР – «МИРУ – МИР»   [miru – mir]


Students who study the Russian language at the Babeș-Bolyai University(Cluj-Napoca, Romania) have happily gotinvolved  in the action of promoting the word "МИР" - example

Promotion of МИР in Nicaragua - example

Sharing the word МИР in a Moscow City school - example

News about the popularization of the Russian word МИР on the Сanadian Russian-language radio - example

The dialectics of the word МИР - example

The results of the video survey about the dream of Russia example

Students' experience in creating a geographical map "МИР" - example

See also: http://citycelebrity.ru/citycelebrity/Post.aspx?PostId=146863


There is an idea of creating a new tradition - photographing with the Russian word МИР, including during international meetings. It is possible to establish in Russia and other countries a monument to the Russian word МИР

Popularization of the word МИР develops the idea of the petition "To create peace all over the world” or “ Progress to the world and the world to progress” and it is reasonable to make one of these slogans a motto for Russia or other countries to be included in their Constitutions, coats of arms, etc. 

Online Petition is - example

We will appreciate your creative paintings, photographs, collages, etc., popularizing the word МИР to: dmisyurov@gmail.com

By participating in the project, you can make the WORLD a better place!

With respect and best wishes,

Dmitry Alexandrovich Misyurov, PhD. (Political Sciences), the author of the books "Политика и символы" ("Politics and symbols"), "Политика и символы в России" ("Politics and symbols in Russia"), "Символы о символах:начала культурно-символической политики" ("Symbols about symbols: the beginning of cultural and symbolic politics"), etc.


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