Putin: The invulnerability of Western military equipment has been broken on the battlefields of the Ukrainian conflict

19:39 19.12.2023 •

Photo: Kremlin.ru

The activity of NATO has increased sharply in general, and US forces, including aircraft, have been deployed to the Russian borders, Russian President Vladimir Putin said while presiding over a Russian Ministry of Defense meeting on December 19, Sputnik informs.

"Recently, the activity of the NATO military bloc as a whole has sharply increased. Significant forces from the United States, including aircraft, have been deployed to our borders, and the number of alliance troops in Eastern and Central Europe has increased," Putin stated.

The aggressive nature of NATO is no longer hidden, the Russian president said, adding that claims to global superiority are directly enshrined in US documents.

"The events of this year have confirmed — well, we all see it — that the West continues to wage a hybrid war against Russia, actively supplies the Kyiv regime with intelligence information in real-time, sends military advisers, transfers modern weapons systems," he said.

Russian Armed Forces have the initiative in the Ukrainian conflict and are doing everything they deem necessary, Putin remarked.

"Assessing the current situation on the ground, on the contact line, one can say with confidence that our troops have the initiative. In essence, we are doing what we think is necessary," he said.

The special military operation revealed a number of problems; it is necessary to rebuild communication systems and more effectively use modern intelligence technologies, Vladimir Putin said.

He added that it is necessary to increase the production of high-precision projectiles and drones, and the work of air defenses requires improvement.

The Russian president also noted that the myth about the invulnerability of Western military equipment has been broken on the battlefields of the Ukrainian conflict.

Modern military equipment accounts for 95% of Russia's strategic nuclear forces, Putin said.

"This current year, thanks to the consequent implementation of the state armaments program, coordinated work of the defense industry, the share of modern weapons and equipment in the strategic nuclear forces has reached 95% in general," Putin remarked.

In light of the current global situation and the emergence of new “military-political risks,” the importance of a nuclear triad that “ensures the strategic balance of powers in the world” has drastically increased, the Russian president added.

According to him, some 15 Yars and Avangard nuclear missile launch systems will enter service as part of Russia’s Strategic Missile Forces.

"[The US] was very frightened by Russia's rapprochement with Europe. It should be the masters there. It kept scaring... evil Russia is threatening you. But I talked to many leaders and they tell me: 'Why are they scaring us? We understand that Russia is not going to fight with Europe.' Yes, we are not going to [fight] now," Putin said.

The United States deliberately dragged Russia and Europe into conflict and achieved its goal, but Moscow had no other options, the President said, noting that Russia has not interfered and will not interfere in European affairs.

"And now, [the US] is also shifting the burden of financial responsibility and payments onto Europe. And the weak-willed and spineless generation of today’s politicians in Europe cannot resist this, given the colossal dependence in the media, in the economy, in politics," Putin said.

The US operates in Europe through numerous foundations, works with students, drags them to the "political Olympus of European countries," the leader said.

Putin also said that Russia does not need NATO countries now and will not need them in future.

"The US leadership says: if they [Russians] win in Ukraine now, NATO countries will be next. Why do we need these NATO countries? We do not need them, we never needed them, and we do not need them now, and we will not need them in the future," he added.


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