Pyotr Tolstoy and Leonid Slutskiy met with the participants of the Russian-Syrian Forum «Medicine Without Borders»

22:12 15.10.2020 •

On the final day of the Moscow part of the program, the participants of the Russian-Syrian Forum «Medicine Without Borders» met with representatives of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation. The guests of the meeting were Deputy Chairman of the State Duma Petr Tolstoy and Chairman of the International Affairs Committee of the State Duma Leonid Slutsky.

High-ranking politicians told young leaders from friendly Syria about Russian successes in countering the coronavirus pandemic, as well as about the long-term partnership of our countries In addition, the participants asked questions related to Rossotrudnichestvo programs, further medicine cooperation and the supply of Russian anti-coronavirus vaccine to Syria.

“Currently, in addition to wars, terrorism, humanitarian problems, a new threat has appeared for all of us - the threat of the spread of coronavirus infection And this is a problem that will temporarily change life in all countries of the world. A common problem for everyone," said Peter Tolstoy in his opening speech. He also added that in any threat to victory, the will to win is important. This is what the Syrian people have already demonstrated in the fight against terrorism, with the support of Moscow.

The Russian deputy announced the news that came literally on the eve of this meeting with young Syrian doctors: Russian President Vladimir Putin announced the registration of the second Russian vaccine against coronavirus. According to Tolstoy, many countries of the world are already interested in obtaining this vaccine. "First of all, this assistance will be provided to our closest allies," the parliamentarian stressed.

Leonid Slutsky expressed the hope that the vaccine will be useful for the Syrian people, since its distinctive feature is a "mild" effect on the body. Thus, the vaccine is suitable for older people with weakened immunity, which is important for residents of the SAR who have already suffered from a protracted military conflict. "Among all our partners, Syria has been and is our priority. And you, the doctors, are connection in the cooperation process. You are the ones who will test these vaccines and not only them in your hospitals."

Forum participants actively asked the speakers different questions. Most of them concerned the continuation of cooperation with Moscow, the possibility of studying in Russia. They also touched upon the topic of sanctions, under which both countries have lived in recent years.

"Sanctions are trying to slow the pace of time, they are trying to make it harder for us to work. But this type of economic struggle in the 21st century is ineffective. Information spreads faster than any sanctions. Russia has never been afraid and will not be afraid of any economic, military or any forceful pressure on our country and of course on our allies, "Tolstoy replied.

Leonid Slutsky thanked Rossotrudnichestvo for organizing the event and expressed hope for the continuation of mutually beneficial partnership. "I express my gratitude to Rossotrudnichestvo for providing our Syrian allies with such a necessary trip. The doctors' job is to save lives, heal people. I hope that the contacts you acquire here will facilitate such cooperation. It is important for us that you establish professional and personal contacts within this event".

"Only together we can defeat the coronavirus. We have a clear position regarding the work of healthcare. We are ready to share our experience, and help will be provided to our closest allies. And I am very glad that you can meet our colleagues, Russian doctors who are fighting coronavirus infection,” added Peter Tolstoy.

In the next three days in St. Petersburg, Syrian doctors will meet with representatives of the local Committee on Science and Higher Education, medical educational institutions and public organizations of the city cooperating with Syria, visit the Institute of Oriental Manuscripts, where, among other things, ancient records on medicine are kept, and will also see the sights of the Russian Northern capital.


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