Rep. Luna: “Any politician who advocates for sending American troops to Ukraine to be required to fight on the front lines with them”

11:53 07.02.2024 •

Rep. Anna Paulina Luna (photo) will address the Uniparty’s border-foreign wars bill with her own bill. Chuck Schumer threatened Americans. If the bill isn’t passed, Americans will be fighting Russia, a war no one wants except the Uniparty.

Rep. Luna’s bill is perfect.

“In honor of Chuck Schumer, I’ll be introducing a bill that will require any politician who advocates for sending American troops to Ukraine to be required to fight on the front lines with them.”

The solution is simple. Deportation. #KILLTHEBILL — Rep. Anna Paulina Luna (@REPLUNA). February 5, 2024

Chuck U Schumer wants this emergency RINO-Dem border-foreign war funding bill so much that he felt the need to threaten to send our children to fight Russia. If we don’t approve this bill, “Putin can roll over Ukraine & up to our NATO allies in Eastern Europe. That could risk American security and American lives.”

Speaker Johnson said the House Republicans will not vote for the Uniparty bill. So far, nineteen Senators have opposed the bill.

We don’t need any bill. We’re sick of the Uniparty sending our hard-earned money to fight foreign wars while our border is left open.

Rep. Robert F. Kennedy Jr. said the Uniparty bill is a “disaster.”

“The new Senate Bill is a disaster. We’ve already spent $113B on this proxy war in Ukraine. Requesting an additional $60B when we have so many problems at home, including inflation and the border crisis, is reckless. No more money for Ukraine until we have a secure border, a booming economy, and pay off some of our $34T of debt.”

No matter how much negative feedback the Uniparty gets, they keep doubling down.

Ukraine already got $138 billion, Israel is doing fine without us, and there’s only a pittance compared to our border. They have money for grants and various war agencies and HHS.

Senate Republicans, under heavy pressure from former President Trump, will block a procedural motion to begin debate on a bipartisan border security deal this week, leaving funding for the war in Ukraine in limbo for the foreseeable future, writes ‘The Hill’.

A failure to advance the border security deal this week would signal the legislation is unlikely to pass the Senate without major changes. And any revisions to asylum and border security reforms negotiated with the White House and Senate Democrats could scuttle the whole deal.


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