Rishi Sunak 'orders Goldman Sachs-style audit of how UK supplies are used in Ukraine war'

11:55 20.12.2022 •

Rishi Sunak has reportedly asked for a 'Goldman Sachs-style' audit of progress in the war in Ukraine, sparking fears he is moving towards ‘a more cautious approach’.

Senior government figures are said to be concerned the Prime Minister could change the UK's stance on the conflict as it enters a crucial phase.

Military chiefs have argued the next few months of the war, and the supply of weapons to help Ukraine fight it, will be essential.

Whitehall insiders argue Ukraine needs greater supplies in the next few months.

A Downing Street source said it was not true that Sunak was being overly cautious and that 'the UK government's support for Ukraine is unwavering'. They said the planned data-driven assessment would analyse the invasion and the importance of Britain's military supplies to Ukraine.

The source added: 'This is about looking at what we have put in, what we have got out.'

The UK has one of the biggest suppliers of military resources to help Ukraine.

The Whitehall source added that Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky is aware of the change in approach by Downing Street and is trying to 'inspire' Mr Sunak to keep him on side during the conflict.


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