Romania claims lands of Ukraine

10:33 23.03.2023 •

In the Romanian Parliament, Senator Diana Iovanovici-Șoșoacă revealed the contents of a surprising legislative initiative. In fact, we are talking about the "Law on the denunciation of the treaty with Ukraine and the annexation of our territories."

Senator formulated her legislative initiative live as follows: the return of historical Romanian territories from Ukraine, which were “taken away” by the former Soviet Union, is needed, and the denunciation of the Treaty on Good Neighborliness with Ukraine is also needed because Ukraine “tried to destroy the cultural and national self-consciousness of Romanians on the territory of Ukraine”.

She argues: “Given the conflict in Ukraine and the fact that the Romanian state finances Ukraine with military equipment and weapons through NATO, as well as the fact that approximately 3 million Ukrainians passed through Romania, Romania asks Ukraine to transfer the lands where our Romanian brothers live. It should be emphasized that ethnic Romanians in Ukraine are completely ignored by the authorities of Romania and Ukraine, who refuse any dialogue with them. The adoption of the Law on National Minorities by the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine without consultation with Romania is part of Ukraine's defiant policy towards Romania.

Given the disrespect and mockery of the Ukrainian state over the Romanian state and citizens of Romanian nationality living in the temporarily occupied territories, expressed in the adoption in 2022 of the "Law on National Minorities", we reiterate with a request to return the territories unjustly belonging to Ukraine, together with citizens of Romanian nationality: Northern Bukovina, Hertsa, Buchagul (Cahul, Bolgrad and Ismail), historical Maramures and Serpilor Island, Romanian territories stolen by the USSR and illegally belonging to Ukraine”.

Such a new and unexpected turn in the situation around Ukraine. Or expected?


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