Russia advances into strategic city of Avdeevka!

21:04 17.02.2024 •

The Russian flag was installed on February 17 in the center of Avdeevka at the Military Memorial to the Soviet Army soldiers died in the battles for the liberation of Ukraine from the Nazis in 1943.

Ukrainian forces on Saturday withdrew from the strategic eastern city of Avdeevka and appeared to be abandoning the coke and chemical plant that had been a final stronghold against the advancing Russians, Ukraine’s top military officials said — putting Moscow’s forces on the cusp of their most significant battlefield victory since the capture of Bakhmut last May, notes ‘The Washington Post’.

Ukrainian military officials reported that Russia had launched large-scale attacks in the Avdeevka area on Friday. Some Ukrainian troops were captured while trying to move to new positions, they said, adding that it was difficult to evacuate the wounded amid continued Russian shelling.

Capturing the city marks the most significant battlefield victory for Russia since Kyiv’s counteroffensive last year ended in heavy casualties and a failure to retake large swaths of occupied territory defended by well-fortified Russian positions.

Zelensky named Gen. Syrsky as Ukraine’s top commander on Feb. 8 replacing Gen. Zaluzhny. In his previous position as commander of Ukraine’s ground forces, Syrsky was criticized for possibly waiting too long to withdraw from Bakhmut, another eastern city, when it was under siege last year.

By contrast, the decision to pull back from Avdeevka, a more strategically valuable location, was taken just days after Syrsky took overall command — a clear reflection of Ukraine’s difficulties on the front line.

The victory will also boost Russian morale ahead of the second anniversary of the war on Feb. 24 and reinforce concerns about Ukraine’s dwindling military supplies and personnel, stresses The Washington Post.


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