Russian Ambassador to USA: “Is the Capitol willing to put American citizens at risk of a full-scale nuclear war?”

21:41 16.03.2023 •


Russian Ambassador to USA Anatoly Antonov’s answer to a media question: Dear Ambassador, how would you comment on the threats by some US lawmakers, particularly Senator Lindsey Graham, to shoot down Russian planes approaching US aircraft in international airspace?

Anatoly Antonov: Some lawmakers’ calls go far beyond common sense.

The Russian Ministry of Defense has explained in detail the reasons and course of actions of Russian pilots during yesterday’s incident over the Black Sea. I repeat, for those who have not gathered themselves to look at the situation objectively: our fighters did not come into contact with the American UAV.

Russia did everything possible to prevent this kind of incident – it informed the international community in good time about the boundaries of the temporary airspace regime established for the special military operation.

Of course, it is a shame for the Pentagon to lose expensive piece of equipment. But in this case, the US military should redirect accusations of unprofessional actions back to themselves.

As for the aforementioned senator, this is by no means the first attempt by the notorious lawmaker to provoke a dangerous escalation in the US-Russian relations. A year ago he urged our citizens to make an assassination attempt on the president of Russia. Does Senator Graham really believe that a direct military clash with Russia is in the interests of the voters who entrusted him with their lives and livelihood?

A deliberate attack on a Russian aircraft in neutral airspace is not just a crime under international law, but an open declaration of war against the largest nuclear power. An armed conflict between Russia and the United States would be radically different from the proxy war the Americans are waging remotely against us in Ukraine.

Is the Capitol willing to put American citizens and the international community at risk of a full-scale nuclear war? Give us an answer, distinguished Senator!

It is not the Russian pilots who should be called out, but American politicians who are inciting the start of an apocalyptic conflict.

We do not seek a conflict with a nuclear power. We continue to maintain contacts, including through the Defense Ministry, to prevent unintentional incidents.

I wish US politicians had the same attitude toward relations with Russia.


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