Russian Embassy in the USA on another U.S. aid package to Ukraine

15:59 22.09.2023 •

Russian Embassy in the United States.

Comment by the Russian Embassy in the United States:

“We have noted yet another U.S. aid package to Ukraine. Washington's constant pumping of weapons and money into its clients in Kiev has long surprised no one. The US Administration could not bring home its ward, destroying his own people and obediently waging a proxy war against our country, without consolation prizes.

The United States is ready to supply Ukrainians with anything, any, the most dangerous materiel just to give them an opportunity to somehow keep the failed "counter-offensive" afloat. The Ukrainian armed forces have not achieved their objectives, having suffered huge losses in manpower and equipment. This fact is acknowledged by the majority of local experts.

We urge Washington to realize the futility of the non-stop transfer of aid packages to the Kiev regime.

The West’s efforts cannot change the situation on the ground. Instead, they will lead to a further prolongation of the conflict as well as to new casualties and destruction. The special military operation will continue until the stated objectives have been fully achieved.”


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