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11:37 13.05.2023 •

All UK Airports must close within the next 10 years, beef and lamb will be banned, and construction of new buildings will cease (!) in the name of “Climate Change” according to Government Report. This is a British suggestion for the problem: “How to protect the nature world”.

A report produced by Oxford University and Imperial College London for the UK Government reveals that all airports will be ordered to close, eating beef and lamb will be made illegal, and construction of new buildings will not be permitted in order to meet the legal commitment of zero emissions by 2050, informs English site ‘The Expose’.

The report states that all airports must close between 2020 and 2029 excluding Heathrow, Glasgow and Belfast airports, which can only stay open on the condition that transfers to and from the airport are done via rail.

All remaining airports must then close between 2030 and 2049 as to meet the legal commitment of zero emissions by 2050 every citizen of the United Kingdom must “stop using aeroplanes” for a significant period of time.

In addition, the report states that to obey the law of the Climate Change Act the public will be required to stop doing anything that causes emissions regardless of its energy source. According to the report this will require the public to never eat beef or lamb ever again.

To do this national consumption of beef and lamb will drop by 50% between 2020 and 2029. Then between 2030 and 2049 beef and lamb will be “phased out”.

The report also confirms that construction of new building must cease by 2050.

Entitled ‘Absolute Zero’, the report is a research collaboration in which the authors reveal what the UK must do to meet it’s legal requirement to reach net zero emissions by 2050, and it makes for harrowing reading.

However, the timeline of events may speed up significantly because the Government enshrined a new target in law in April 2021 to slash emissions by 78% by the year 2035.

The authors of the report state the key messages are as follows – in addition to reducing our energy demand, delivering zero emissions with today’s technologies requires the phasing out of flying, shipping, lamb and beef, blast-furnace steel and cement.

There are two key implications for how we live our lives: first, buildings will become much more expensive because the restrictions on building which generate substantial scarcities; second, transport will become much more expensive because the limits on air travel will generate excess demand for other forms of transport.

Those who are starting secondary school now, in 2019, will be 43 in 2050. Thinking about what education is appropriate for a very different set of industries is a key question. Should we still be training airplane pilots? Or aeronautical engineers?

The changes in behaviour to achieve Absolute Zero are clearly substantial. In principle, these changes could be induced through changing prices and thus providing clear incentives for behaviour to change. The alternative is that the government prohibits certain types of behaviour and regulates on production processes.

You may be wondering how on earth they are going to get the support of the public in shutting the airports and stopping the consumption of beef and lamb?

Well, we could argue they are already well on their way to ensuring the closure of many airports thanks to the draconian laws that the British people have been living under since March 2020 in the name of protecting the NHS and saving lives.

Whilst the thought of society taking radical, meaningful steps to meet zero emission targets could be criticised for being idealistic, we can learn from historical cultural changes.

Not long ago, smoking cigarettes was encouraged and considered to be acceptable in public spaces that children frequented, drink-driving was practiced with such regularity that it killed 1000 people per year in the UK, and discrimination based on sexual orientation was written into law. These behaviours now seem reprehensible, showing society is capable acknowledging the negative consequences of certain behaviours and socially outlawing their practice.

Focus should therefore be centred on expediting the evolution of new social norms with confidence that change can happen.

Huge questions will emerge, such as: will internal-combustion engines disappear, will aeroplanes disappear, will meat and-dairy agriculture disappear, and will we need to stop building things?

By empowering school children to realise that asking the huge questions is appropriate, we will enable change to be embraced through education.

All of this will be done to allegedly reduce carbon emissions due to the alleged danger of global warming…

…This article in “The Expose” received many responses from readers. Here's one of the brightest. This is the opinion of ordinary people about where the policy of the British government is leading: “This is a coup d’etat! It’s an overthrow of society by the billionaire globalists to create a modern-day slavery system using technology as the control tool. Already huge amounts more wealth have been transferred into the billionaires hands using endless fraud to do so. The fake war on terror; fake infectious diseases; fake wars and fake climate change. All designed to destabilise economies and transfer wealth creating every larger monopolies of power. Also a eugenics agenda. A smaller, more servile population will be easier to control.”


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