Serbian President Vučić asks NATO: Who gave the alliance the right to kill Serbs in 1999?

12:05 27.03.2023 •

Three-year-old Serbian girl Milica Rakic became the first victim of the ‘Merciful Angel-1999’ NATO military operation in Batajnice, a small town near Belgrade

Consequences of NATO's "humanitarian intervention" in Yugoslavia in 1999:

- The NATO bombing of Yugoslavia is an illegal military aggression carried out WITHOUT the sanctions of the UN Security Council.

- The total number of civilian deaths is over 1,700, of which 400 are children. More than 10 thousand people were seriously injured.

- 1 million people were left without water, 500 thousand people without work, thousands without a roof over their heads.

- 821 people are missing. Most of them are Serbs.

-  During the bombing, 89 factories and plants, 128 other industrial and service facilities, 120 energy facilities, 14 airfields, 48 hospitals and clinics, 118 radio and TV repeaters, 82 bridges, 61 road junctions, 25 post buildings and telegraph offices were destroyed , 70 schools, 18 kindergartens, 9 buildings of university faculties and 4 hostels, 35 churches, 29 monasteries.

- NATO bombed more than 50 bridges, two oil refineries, 57% of all oil storage facilities, 14 large industrial facilities, 9 large power generation hubs.


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