Sergei Shoigu: “The entire country is supporting the Armed Forces and has united around the leadership of the state”

10:11 31.12.2023 •

Photo: Russian MoD

Statement by Minister of Defence of the Russian Federation General of the Army Sergei Shoigu at extended session of Defence Ministry Board. Key points (photo):

Russian Groups of Forces have liberated an area five times larger than that of the Lugansk and Donetsk people's republics before the special military operation began.

Since the beginning of the special operation, 54 countries have pledged to supply military hardware to the Kiev regime.

However, weapons and military equipment come from 15 countries.

To date, Ukraine has received $203 billion from external sources, which is $30 billion more than its GDP. In fact, it is a bankrupt country. A significant part of these funds are loans that have to be repaid.

In total, 5,220 tanks, infantry fighting vehicles, and armoured personnel carriers, 28 airplanes, 87 helicopters, 23,000 unmanned aerial vehicles, over 1,300 artillery systems, including 494 M777, Caesar, Paladin, and Krab howitzers, as well as 2,650,000 155-mm and 122-mm shells were delivered to Kiev.

NATO military personnel have direct control over air defence systems, operational-tactical missiles, and multiple launch rocket systems. We record American, Polish, and English speech in radio intercepts when strikes with these means are being prepared. NATO officers are preparing military operations. They are training Ukrainian military personnel both in their countries and in Ukraine.

A total of 410 military and dual-purpose spacecraft from NATO countries are working in the interests of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

On 4 June 2023, the Armed Forces of Ukraine launched a large-scale counter-offensive prepared by foreign supervisors.

The enemy was stopped and suffered enormous losses failing to cross the tactical defence zone of Russian troops.

The enemy's losses included 159,000 troops (killed and wounded), 121 airplanes, 23 helicopters, 766 tanks, including 37 Leopards, 2,348 armoured fighting vehicles of various classes, including 50 Bradleys. Apparently this is why we still do not see the American Abrams on the battlefield that were delivered a few months ago.

Since the special operation began, the AFU's losses have exceeded 383,000 troops killed and wounded, 14,000 tanks, IFVs, and APCs, 553 airplanes and 259 helicopters, 8,500 field artillery guns and MLRS vehicles.

There have been nine mobilisation waves in Ukraine and the tenth is underway. Currently, even those who fit for limited military service are conscripted.

The mercenaries who have been actively involved since the beginning of the special military operation have been eliminated for the most part. More than 5,800 militants were neutralised, including 1,427 from Poland, 466 from the United States, and 344 from the United Kingdom.

A total of 103 war criminals were eliminated on the territory of Ukraine who had committed particularly cruel acts. Vengeance will come upon all of them.

During the special military operation we have significantly improved the quality and reliability of the deployed weaponry and military hardware. In the shortest possible time, representatives of industry working in the military upgraded 107 samples of military hardware.

For the tasks of the troops, our leading designers have been creating the latest systems and means of destruction for several months.

Weapons that have been developed and tested under normal conditions for 5-8 years are now brought to mass production within 4-7 months.

This has not happened since the Great Patriotic War.

Modern Russian equipment has passed a rigorous test in the conditions of the special military operation and has shown its superiority over similar models of NATO countries.

Every day, more than 1,500 people apply for military service. This year alone, about 490,000 contract servicemen and volunteers have been recruited.

More than 4,000 Russian students have voluntarily taken a sabbatical leave and are performing combat missions.

The number of foreign volunteers willing to fight in favour of the truth has increased seven times. In the Ukrainian army, the opposite trend is observed. The number of foreign mercenaries has decreased six times.

I would also like to thank the volunteers who created 348 additional production facilities for the manufacture of drones, camouflage nets and equipment.

Students alone produced over 50,000 square metres of camouflage nets, which made it possible to cover four battalion defence areas.

University students have donated more than 17 tonnes of blood and continue to do so. Many fighters have had their lives saved.

From next year, we plan to switch to electronic certificates for veterans of combat operations.

In general, the experience of the special military operation showed that the Russian Armed Forces are capable of responding adequately and promptly to the actions of any modern enemy.

More than 650,000 servicemen gained combat experience.

Today, the Russian Army is the best-trained and most combat-ready in the world, with advanced weaponry that has been tested in combat conditions.

In connection with Finland's accession to NATO and Sweden's forthcoming admission to the alliance, the formation of the Leningrad and Moscow military districts is continuing.

At the same time, we take into account the agreement signed between the United States and Finland, which provides for the use by the Americans of 21 Finnish military facilities, including all four air bases.

In proportion to external threats, the size of the Armed Forces will be further increased to 1,500,000 troops.

It must be said that the entire country is supporting the Armed Forces and has united around the leadership of the state.


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