Sergey Lavrov: If West wants to settle Ukrainian conflict on battlefield, let it be. Russia is ready

10:30 14.05.2024 •

Photo: MFA

If the West wants to solve the Ukraine conflict on the battlefield, "so be it," Sergey Lavrov, candidate for the post of Russia’s foreign minister, told a Federation Council committee meeting discussing his reappointment (photo).

"If they want [to resolve the conflict in Ukraine] on the battlefield, let it be on the battlefield," Lavrov said, TASS quotes.

He reiterated that Russia was ready to negotiate peace not only in words, but also in deeds. "[During talks] in Istanbul, we indeed… were a step away from signing an initial document to end the special military operation on conditions that Ukrainian sponsors now admit were very beneficial to Ukraine," Lavrov continued. "Our political analysts also say so. And I agree with this," he added.

According to Lavrov, the Istanbul negotiations were Russia's last attempt "to extend trust and show good will, despite multiple past deceits on the part of the West." "And we were misled again, so they forced us to go fight," he concluded.

Moscow has repeatedly said that it is ready for negotiations to resolve the Ukrainian crisis, but taking into account the current reality, Lavrov added.

Speaking about the conference on Ukraine in Switzerland planned for June, with Russia was not invited, Lavrov likened the situation to "giving a schoolboy a reprimand."

"The conference... boils down to formulating an ultimatum to Russia once again," he added.

Switzerland will host the high-level conference on Ukrainian crisis at an alpine resort in Nidwalden canton outside of Lucerne from June 15-16. Switzerland said that it had invited over 160 delegations from around the world to attend the event. Russia was not included on the guest list.

In April, Russian Ambassador to Bern Sergei Garmonin told Sputnik that Russia would not participate in the Ukraine peace conference in Switzerland in June in any format.


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