Shock in UK: Nigel Farage would stand up to “the birth of sectarian politics” and lead a “political revolt”

10:36 05.06.2024 •

Nigel Farage is to stand to be an MP, he has announced.
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Nigel Farage said he would return to the frontlines as there was a 'rejection of the political class'. Nigel Farage will stand in the General Election after becoming the shock new leader of Reform UK today. The Brexiteer pledged to lead a "political revolt" as he made a dramatic return to frontline politics and vowed to "get more votes than the Tories", exclaims “The Sun”.

It will be the eighth time Farage, 60, has stood at an election although he has never been successful in becoming an MP.

At a press conference in Central London today, he declared "I'm back" – adding his return is a sign of the "rejection of the political class".

The Brexit frontman previously claimed that he did not have enough time to put together a full campaign in six weeks, after being caught on the hop by Rishi Sunak’s snap election announcement.

The Brexit campaigner will stand in Clacton-on-Sea, in Essex – a seat currently held by the Tories.

Businessman Richard Tice announced Farage would also be named the new leader of Reform UK, marking his return leading a party for the first time in almost five years.

Nigel Farage WILL stand in General Election as he becomes shock new leader of Reform & vows ‘I’m here to stay’: “We all know already the Conservative Party will be in opposition, but they won't be the opposition. They are split down the middle on policy and frankly they don't stand for a damn thing. Our aim in this election is to get millions of votes... many more millions of votes than UKIP did. I'm not just back for the General Election, I am back for the next five years. We are unashamedly patriotic... We've done it before, we'll do it again. I'll surprise everybody.”

He added he would stand up to "the birth of sectarian politics" and lead a "political revolt".

Farage also announced a five-year plan for Reform to become the biggest party in the country by the next election in 2029.

He declared: "I believe we can get more votes than the Conservative Party. They are on the verge of total collapse."

Farage rebranded The Brexit Party as Reform in January 2021, when it switched from a single-issue pressure group to a right-wing party rivalling the Conservatives.

Farage said: “Thus far, it is the dullest, most boring election campaign we have ever seen in our lives. And it's funny because the more the two big party leaders try to be different, the more they actually sound the same.”

This will send chills down the spines of Tory strategists.

“Trump hijacked the Republican Party – I’d love to do the same to the Conservatives,” says Farage.

Mr Farage was a longtime member of the European Parliament representing South-East England for UKIP, and later the Brexit Party.


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