Sign of Heaven over Israel

10:58 19.04.2023 •

A bright meteor is seen over Israel's skies, April 15, 2023

Israeli experts said ‘an unusually bright meteor was visible over the country on Saturday afternoon’, with some observers reporting to have heard a large explosion afterward.

The Israeli Astronomical Association (IAA) said it had received reports of the bolide being visible for several seconds over central and northern Israel at around 5:16 p.m., traveling Northeast.

Several residents of central Israel reported hearing a loud blast shortly after.

“Such an explosion may be heard in the event that the bolide is caused by a relatively large stone and depending on its composition,” the IAA said.

An image shared by the IAA showed a fiery streak in the sky. A visible bolide over Israel is a relatively rare occurrence.

It was unclear if pieces of the meteor survived its descent through the atmosphere. A meteor piece that survives passage to the ground is known as a meteorite.

The event took place on the eve of Easter, so, some people in Israel considered it to be a Divine Sign.


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