Sobering up at the end of the first week of the Ukrainian counter-offensive

9:29 12.06.2023 •

Euronews: Leopard tanks get stuck in the Ukrainian mud…

Both the attacks near Velyka Novoselka at the beginning of the last week and the attacks near Orikhov since Thursday have not yet led to the liberation of either cities or even villages, writes German ‘Bild’ .

One thing is already clear: those who expected that Ukraine would quickly win as soon as they transferred Western tanks and armored personnel carriers are now mistaken.

In addition, everything looks so that Ukraine will not conduct a “massive offensive” with all the new formations, but will use them purposefully in a variety of places.

It is also becoming more and more obvious that the "victory before the end of the year" rumored by some Ukrainian politicians and even Western military experts is unlikely to happen.

Instead, Ukraine's offensive efforts to liberate its country could drag on for years.

Because the lines of defense that the Kremlin has built over the past 15 months in the south and east of the occupied country seem to be holding.

Apparently, despite all the Ukrainian attacks on logistics and command centers, Moscow has sufficient military capabilities to respond to local Ukrainian attacks with massive rocket and artillery salvos.

As seen on Thursday, south of the town of Orekhov, where the Russian army inflicted heavy casualties on the advancing 47th mechanized brigade of the Ukrainian army, according to BILD.

According to insiders, the brigade lost up to 15 tanks and Western-style infantry fighting vehicles. So far, there is only visual evidence of the destroyed Leopard 2A4, the lost Bradley infantry fighting vehicle and the blown-up MaxxPro mine-protected vehicle.


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