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12:06 21.07.2020 • Jan Campbell


There is no doubt that after the NPC (National People’s Congress) ended, the special legislation in regard to Hong Kong and the program for creating jobs have been approved, the internal political, financial and international relations between USA, EU and RF have not been showing a sign for a stabilization or improvement. Unfortunately, they are even worsening as far as the media hysteria is concerned – 66% of Americans perceive Chinese as an enemy (week ending May 30th). Therefore, it has to be assumed that the war between USA and PRC would intensify at all main fronts: Trade, Covid-19, Hongkong, Taiwan and South China Sea.

An indication offers the fact that the US Department of Transportation has suspended all passenger flights by Chinese carriers to and from the United States, effective June 16. The department said the move comes after China’s failure to permit US carriers to resume flights to China amid the coronavirus pandemic.

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Jan Campbell (1946) – studied construction engineering, architecture and philosophy; post-gradually also biocybernetics, Islamic banking and insurance. Professionally he was active during mid and long term in several countries including Great Britain, Italy, Switzerland, Malaysia, ex-USSR, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Russian Federation, Czech Republic and Germany, of which he is a citizen. Professional activities and experiences allowed to accept positions like a Head of EC Co-ordinating for TACIS programme, personal advisor to PM and analyst of political – economic risks including issues of Science diplomacy and work designated for narrow professional and public audiences, including university students. He obtained an honorary professor’s degree at the Ural State Agrarian University. In Slovakia he was awarded the Golden Biatec for 2014 for humanizing society through publishing about the development and solutions of civilizational problems and global priorities.


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