Swebb TV observer: "It's a geopolitical earthquake"

10:34 18.03.2023 •

China has taken over the role of global leader formerly held by the United States, political scientist Lars Berne said on Swebb TV Nyheter. He points out that this "must be a net disaster for Americans."

Who start and initiate wars? First of all – the Western powers. Western powers play an extremely negative role when it comes to world peace.

They wanted to crush Russia through Ukraine. However, this failed completely, despite the West sending $150 billion in economic and military support to Ukraine. At the same time, Ukraine is said to have lost 500,000 soldiers in a globalist proxy war.

Now other countries of the world are tired of the constant wars of the West. China took on the role of mediator and managed to reach an agreement between Saudi Arabia and Iran. This is an extremely important event. It's good that Saudi Arabia and Iran now have peaceful relations. People were afraid of war between these big oil states. But now, it seems, this will not happen, and they will agree.

But first of all, the fact that China is getting involved in such an agreement, I would like to call a ‘geopolitical earthquake’, Lars Bern says on Swebbtv Nyheter. This must be a real disaster for the Americans.

This marks the end of US and Western hegemony.

This is an extremely interesting and important event. And it will have a sequel. The next step we will see is likely that China will ensure the end of the war in Yemen. We must hope that there will finally be peace there.

Chinese President Xi Jinping is traveling to Moscow and they say he is ready to have a serious conversation with Zelensky, continues Lars Bern. So let's see if China plays a significant role in the Ukrainian conflict as well. The fact that China is intervening is likely to be regarded by mankind as something extremely positive. The Chinese want peaceful development and develop their economy. Those who start and initiate wars are primarily Western powers.


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