Terrorist attack from Ukraine territory against civilians in the region of Bryansk

11:55 06.03.2023 • Vladimir Kozin , Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Military Sciences

“The use of NATO weaponry in "outrageous terrorist act" in Bryansk region   sparks questions about the Western bloc's culpability in the acts of terrorism,”  - the Russian Foreign Ministry announced.

Now this Ukraine is a 100% terrorist state!

- On March 2, 2023 morning a number of Ukrainian saboteurs crossed the Russian border in the Bryansk Region bordering Ukraine and launched raids on the villages of Lyubechane and Sushany.

The armed nationalists attacked two civilian passenger cars, one of them being used to deliver schoolchildren to a nearby school. Two adults were killed, including car drivers, and a boy named Fyodor, 10 years old, a schoolboy, 3rd form at the primary school, was injured. Later the bullet belonged to NATO-caliber assault rifle was extracted from his body at the hospital. So far Fyodor’s condition is normal.

President Vladimir Putin characterized such Ukrainian intrusion as a ‘terrorist act’. He made very critical remarks to saboteurs who have seen that it was a civilian car named “Niva” but nevertheless ambushed its passengers including children with assault rifles.

In order to avoid civilian casualties as well as damage to civilian infrastructure, the enemy was pushed back to Ukrainian territory, where they were hit with a massive artillery strike, the FSB  told the Russian media. Various media sources say that the number of terrorists were around 50.

The use of NATO weaponry in that "outrageous terrorist act" in Bryansk Region sparks questions about the Western bloc's involvement and culpability in the acts of terrorism: "Ukrainian officials have repeatedly acknowledged that all their actions are carried out with the approval and support of the United States and other NATO countries. The murders in Bryansk Region were committed using NATO weapons. In this regard, a logical question arises about the qualification of these countries as accomplices in such crimes and as sponsors of terrorism," the Russian Foreign Ministry said in a press statement on March 3.

"By supplying Ukraine with high-tech weapon types, the United States and other NATO countries are turning the country into a personal laboratory and testing ground for their developments," the ministry said, referencing the ongoing NATO aggression against Russia.

"We have drawn the appropriate conclusions from the events. Russian investigators have launched a probe. This crime will not go unpunished," the statement said.


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