“The American Conservative”: Western leaders can no longer hide the truth about Ukraine

11:27 21.12.2022 •

Many Ukrainians have lost their loved ones and face a brutal winter all for the sake of people like Ursula von der Leyen, Joe Biden, and their neocon handlers.

The Western ‘war hawks’ know – their cynical Ukraine policy has not succeeded in driving Russia out of Ukraine. Tragically, the Ukrainians are the ones who suffer the immense cost of this foreign policy failure. Their nation is ruined for the sake and at the instigation of the globalist American empire- insists George D. O’Neill, Jr., is a member of the board of directors of the American Ideas Institute.

Ukraine has lost an estimated 20 percent of its territory. At least 22 percent of Ukrainian farmland is under Russian control. These areas are a large part of the territory identified in the Minsk II agreement that were to be governed as autonomous districts. Due to the failure of the Minsk II agreement, Russia declared its Special Military Operations to free these areas from the grip of the Ukrainian government. As of today, it appears Russia has come close to achieving some of its initial goals.

In May 2022, the United Nations Refugee Agency reported that nearly eight million Ukrainians have been internally displaced, with another six million registered as refugees. That number is likely to rise even higher this winter.  

‘Forbes Magazine’ reports that nearly half of Ukraine is without power. ‘Newsweek’ reports that Ukraine's energy giant is running out of equipment to fix power outages. How long is the Ukrainian capital going to function without power?

The Ukrainian Central Bank estimates the nation’s 2022 GDP will decline by 32 percent, inflation will hit 30 percent, and unemployment will reach 30 percent.

‘The New York Times’ reported Ukraine's agriculture industry has lost an estimated $23 billion from the war.

The International Monetary Fund reports the Ukraine war has led to the worst food shortage since 2008.

‘The Washington Post’ reports the Ukrainians are asking for $700 billion in addition to the over $100 billion we have sent.

The recent “victory” of Ukraine capturing Kherson has evaporated. Ukraine is evacuating Kherson due to Russian shelling. The Ukrainian military machine is unable to maintain control of a city their opponent had evacuated.

All the September and October Ukrainian offensives have stalled, and the Russians appear to be solidifying their lines of defense and dramatically increasing their forces in the field while Ukraine is drafting 64-year-old men.

Ukraine is also losing its access to the resources it needs to continue the war. The U.S. and Europe are running out of weapons to send Ukraine. In addition, CNN reports weapons supplies for Ukraine are running low.

Ukraine’s military equipment, especially its artillery, is crumbling and the West can’t replace much of what is breaking down.

‘Foreign Policy’ reports that NATO officials are very worried by the shortages.  

Ukraine and Russia could have made a lasting peace deal if it weren’t for the meddling of the Globalist American Empire.

The NATO issue is the biggest in this whole affair. The United States and United Kingdom thwarted this deal and the war has continued since, killing tens of thousands of Ukrainians, Russians, and others. Their blood is on the hands of U.S. and U.K. leaders.

U.S. defense contractors, politicians, and think tanks are profiting at the expense of Ukraine and its unfortunate citizens.

They don’t care about Ukraine’s ruin – they only care about sticking it to Russia. This is the inevitable product of a D.C. worldview that sees humans as cattle.


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