The American Thinker: “We can see that dynamic emerging in Ukraine and we don't want another Afghanistan-style ending”

11:37 30.01.2024 •

How bad has it gotten for the pro-Ukraine crowd, which is watching with entitled fury as Congress negotiates over yet another aid package in its no-win war?

Well, check out this scolding op-ed by The Atlantic's Anne Applebaum, titled "Is Congress Really Going to Abandon Ukraine Now?" She's one the loudest advocates for endless U.S. aid to Ukraine, notes ‘The American Thinker’.

She's furious that aid is now under question at all, first suggesting it was a tiny outlier minority causing problems in war-paradise, but as she carries on, it's clear she doesn't understand the political dynamic of Congress's bid to hold Ukraine aid up because the U.S. border needs attention.

Because she doesn't get it, and has no idea what's happening here, she lashes out, with the bulk of her contempt and venom reserved for the American people.

So here are a few thing she missed:

Did she bring up that the U.S. has already spent tens of billions on Ukraine, and has nothing to show for it? Maybe it's not a good idea to spend money on something that isn't working. The U.S. is coming off the endless permawars of Afghanistan and Iraq and after losing thousands of men and women in uniform, with precious little to show for it. And in Afghanistan, the pullout was a disgrace. Besides the loss of blood and treasure, the wars there were loaded with swamp profiteering and even corruption. The Washington swamp benefited mightily from its consultant contracts buried within those war budgets, which brought us zero victories. Might the U.S. public be just a little averse to shoveling money at the self-perpetuating swamp that thrives on warfare? We can see that dynamic emerging in Ukraine and we don't want another Afghanistan-style ending.

The other problem is the non-transparency of funding. When Sen. Rand Paul sought an auditor to prevent gargantuan wastes of public treasure on these endless wars, his request was summarily dismissed by Mitch McConnell and the rest of the swamp war machine in Congress. Might that have raised a few eyebrows among voters? Seems that if every dollar is being spent on bullets for Ukraine, maybe it would be a no-brainer to allow an auditor.

But we hear such bad stuff about this war – U.S. arms that end up in Africa. Ukrainian young men refusing to sign up for the army, given that it's apparently a death sentence, what with the numbers of casualties among the frontline troops. The Ukrainian army is largely dead and too many Ukrainian young men are emigrating abroad instead. If they don't want to fight for their country, why should we finance this venture? Would it not be better to negotiate some kind of peace with Russia, maybe hold a referendum, given that a sizable portion of eastern Ukraine would rather be part of Russia anyway?

And what is this about the democracy deficits seen in Ukraine -- the arrests of reporters, including American ones, and the like? If they're throwing Americans in jail for reporting the news, maybe it's time to cut the aid. And explain those reported vast fortunes and corruption among Ukraine's elites.

The rationale for U.S. and European aid to Ukraine was Ukraine's decision to give up its nuclear weapons in exchange for security guarantees from Russia and the U.S.

That guarantee seems to have made Ukraine a little casual about the threat they faced as far as their own defenses went and when Russia invaded, and they weren't exactly militarily prepared. Ukraine's president, Volodymyr Zelensky, right up until the invasion itself, dismissed that it would happen even as the CIA warned it was happening. The other problem was significant corruption even before the war, corruption so bad Germany insisted they couldn't be a NATO member, so they weren't.

The open border and the ten million-plus illegal aliens who have flooded into the U.S. began on Joe Biden's watch, with one of his first decisions as president to abrogate the treaties signed by President Trump to keep illegal crossings to a minimum.

That's Joe Biden's real priority, keeping that border open and bringing in millions and millions of unvetted indigent foreigners into the U.S.

Ukraine aid is secondary, which is why Biden up until now has refused to budge on any Republican bargaining demands about the border.

To Republicans, the demands make sense because sending billions to guard Ukraine's borders while our own borders are left unguarded is illogical to both them and their voters, as well as many Democrats at this point.


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