The Antichrist as a technology

15:09 07.02.2024 • Andrey Ilnitsky , member of the CFDP (SVOP) Presidium The text contains only the personal position of the author

The article presents the author’s concept of ensuring the mental security of Russian society and the “Russkiy mir” (a term used to denote a cultural, geopolitical and religious concept by unification of the whole Russian-speaking population) in the context of a civilizational clash with the West. The article indicates main geopolitical threats and proposes the semantic contours of policy and practical measures in this sensitive area for national security. The article was written in the context of the speech of Patriarch Kirill of the Russian Orthodox Church to the Federation Council and the State Duma in January 2024.

We have an invincible ally — the grace of the Spirit, because we have been taught such an art that we can fight not only with people, but also with demons” St. John Chrysostom


Social violence and its extreme form – war – are the basic technological platforms of the West’s political strategy, striving to preserve and strengthen their hegemony over the world.

The forms of violence and the content of war are changing.

The most important goal of the 21st century war is to control and subjugate the mental sphere of the enemy. Winning here is more effective than seizing territory.

This is a technology for managing the world through total control of the information field and world perception skills.

This is a mental war.

The occupation of spiritual space and public consciousness is considered as victory in a mental war, when the defeated side not only loses the ability to defend its values, but completely assimilates the unfamiliar and “fake” attitudes that the winner imposed.

The blitzkrieg of mental warfare consists of paralysis of the will to sovereignty of the ruling elite of the enemy and is accompanied by the formation of a Comprador “fifth column”.

In order to achieve victory in the war for hegemony over the globalist world, the task of transition from informational to cognitive–mental dominance as a determining factor of the final strategic victory over the enemy has been set.

The mental sphere becomes an area of war – the operational domain of NATO.

In the course of a metal war, the aggressor acts on the enemy in the following ways:

• civilizational and moral-spiritual, where the main subject of operation (destruction, abolition and replacement) is undermining faith, discrediting and rebooting the moral and religious foundations of society;

• philosophical and methodological, changing worldview doctrines;

• scientific — distortion and defamation of scientific knowledge, discrediting, destruction and personnel depletion of national scientific schools and directions;

• ideological and political – undermining trust and social stability, destruction of the established political system, reset of strategic priorities and goals of the state and society.

• economic and technological – degradation and collapse of the material and production base, undermining competitiveness.

• cultural-historical, educational and educational – systemic and purposeful impact on the education system, affecting historical consciousness, generational split, separation of youth from the history and culture of the country.

The customer and organizer of this global war for world hegemony is a transnational system of power, which was called the deep state. The term, alas, has taken root in the geopolitical narrative, but is extremely unsuccessful, because traditional nation-states are the main obstacle on the deep state’s path to hegemony.

According to the US National Security Strategy, Russia is the NUMBER ONE ENEMY among these obstructing states. We, as a sovereign civilization, stand with them “for destruction”, which directly follows from the doctrines and real policies of the West, controlled by the deep state.

However, not only Russia, but the very system of the world order based on nation-states, according to deep state globalists, has outlived itself, must be dismantled and become a thing of the past.

The process of dismantling Europe and the traditional national state of the United States has been launched.


In order for the ruling elites to act not in the national, but in the interests of globalists – for about three or four decades now – the deep state has induced the process of degradation of elites, imitation of democratic procedures, primitivization and obfuscation of the legal political agenda.

A fake world of “political packaging” is being formed, where technologies replace meanings, where decisions are made by some – the owners from the deep state, and voiced and executed by others – political puppets.

Tomorrow’s world of the “global hegemon’s dream” is a WORLD OF TOTAL IRRESPONSIBILITY, where people will not only be UNABLE in any way, but – after a while, the systemic impact of information and cognitive technologies on their minds – and WILL NOT WANT to influence and participate in power.

It is no coincidence that in the current doctrines and concepts of the United States and NATO, the use of information and cognitive mental technologies implies the purposeful formation/change of consciousness of citizens of opposing countries with the aim of subsequent information and cognitive control over it, bringing chaos to their heads, splitting society, and the collapse of trust along the power–society line.

The degradation of the political class/elite of the nation–states induced by the deep state is a serious challenge to the global world order, because all these acrons, Scholz, Burboks and other Lisa Truss play the role of puppets in the “liquidation commission” established by the deep state for nation–states.

The “semantic zeroing” of national elites generates a system of global irresponsibility. Its contours are:

− reset/erasure of national history and culture – generates irresponsibility to tradition and history, to ancestors, the essence is irresponsibility to the past;

− the real power of the deep state is an imitation of legitimate power, it generates irresponsibility to society, the essence is irresponsibility to the present;

− deideologization and desecration of the public political agenda with the lack of answers to the questions “what are we?”, “who are we?” and “why are we?” generates irresponsibility to descendants, the essence is irresponsibility to the future;

− total irresponsibility to the past, present and future generates the essence – irresponsibility to God.

And if there is no God, then, as Dostoevsky wrote, everything is allowed – lies, interference, violence, war.

The Western world and its nation-states, having undermined the Christian foundations of their civilization, have become a “Hail in the sand”, sliding under the pressure of the mudflow of “neo-liberal” values into the historical abyss.

“The elites of Western countries are deconstructing the Christian heritage… The European house increasingly resembles, according to the evangelical expression, a painted coffin, which looks beautiful from the outside, but inside is full of bones of the dead and all kinds of uncleanness…” Patriarch Kirill said at the XII Christmas Parliamentary Meeting on January 23, 2024. He stressed that religious feeling cannot be withdrawn, because it is embedded by God in the very nature of man.

And yes, the French thinker Blaise Pascal claimed back in the XVII century: “God has created a void inside the heart of every human being, which cannot be filled by anything other than God the Creator…”.

But in Pascal’s time, there were no mental technologies of fighting for minds and hearts, so devilishly sophisticated in the hands of manipulators.


Nowadays, globalists are actively trying to fill the “gaping semantic voids”.

At the Davos Forum, held in January 2024, they explicitly stated their intention to take control of the future.

Here is a fragment from the Welcome speech of Davos Chairman Klaus Schwab: “We need a paradigm shift… We must rediscover and embrace the idea that will move humanity, we must act as guardians of a better future. As guardians of the future, we are responsible for the development of the world…”

His logic was continued by the head of the WHO, Theodoras Gebreyeus, who was the main operator from deep state for the COVID pandemic project: “We must prepare the world for the future…This is a common global interest and very narrow national interests should not get in the way”.

In the case when the globalist elites impose neoliberal values and irresponsibility to people and God on top of and against all cultural codes through mental violence, and at the same time traditional societies reject and do not accept this, respecting and feeling God’s providence, the elites do not have to cancel, but replace God.

Truly– it is a diabolical craft.

This is the essence of the ANTICHRIST TECHNOLOGY.

Many people believe that the word “antichrist” means “against Christ,” in fact, the meaning of this word is rather “fake Christ.” The Antichrist (from the Greek. ἀντί – versus, is and Χριστός – the anointed one, the Christ; ἀντίχριστος). The Antichrist is a human puppet of Satan, a fake of Christ, who will try to absorb and isolate all religions.

The Swabian idea of GUARDIANSHIP OF THE FUTURE is the idea of the Antichrist, because the goal is to replace people’s Faith in God with faith in a TRUSTEE, someone who KNOWS HOW, someone who tempts you with this knowledge, removing responsibility for the future.

That’s the point.

I am sure that the next Davos will be about the project of a NEW FAITH, a NEW UNIFIED RELIGION for humanity.

The SUBSTITUTION of God will become the basic project of the global oligarchy in the management of the world. It will be a very cynical, but fiendishly effective social technology.


Once again – today the “forerunner of the world of Evil”, the main Davos demon – Klaus Schwab – announced a campaign for trust, in fact announcing a new unified faith with the Davos priests as TRUSTEES of the FUTURE!

You will say that I am driving up pathos and fear – not at all. Everything in this anti-human project of the future is highly technological and feasible with the “cold heart” and cynicism inherent in globalists. If there were power, will, money and desire – and the deep state world oligarchy has plenty of this – then everything is possible.

They are in a hurry… here are just two illustrations:

In one of his apostolic exhortations entitled Laudate Deum (Praise God), Pope Francis openly calls for giving real power to the supranational structures of globalists: “We are talking primarily about “more effective global organizations with the authority to ensure the global common good, eliminate hunger and poverty and reliably protect fundamental human rights.” The problem is that they must be endowed with real power in such a way as to “ensure” the achievement of certain essential goals.”

Another illustration is in the economic agreement signed in November 2023(!) The partnership agreement between the EU and the members of the Organization of Africa, the Caribbean and the Pacific – included requirements for the legalization by EU partners of abortion, the LGBT agenda, universal sexual education and other ideological attitudes of modern Europe. That’s it!


Today we are fighting for our “Russkiy mir”, against the anti-Christian West, on the fields of our own, where Good and Evil collided.

“Russia is fighting for the freedom of the whole world during a special operation in Ukraine,” Vladimir Putin said at the XXV World Russian People’s Council in November 2023.

Not only the future of the whole world depends on our Victory, but its very existence.

It is Russia that keeps the world from “moral disintegration.”

Russia is an original sovereign state–civilization.

Being a secular state, Russia strives to live in accordance with spiritual and moral values.

Upholding and preserving traditional values is the protection of our sovereignty.

The key to Russia’s social stability is a symphony of secular and spiritual power. Therefore, today we need to strengthen and consolidate the institutions of the state.

The “strong Russia of the future” model is a multinational people’s empire based on the principle of “autocracy” — not in the sense of restoring the monarchy, but in the sense of true democracy, where we Russians are led by a strong state Leader (now the President, and previously the Grand Duke, Tsar, Sovereign – the name is not the essence), we “hold ourselves together” through effective local self-government, such as, for example, the zemstvo was at the end of the XIX century.

The formula of this people’s empire was derived back in the 19th century by our thinker Konstantin Aksakov, and it sounds like this: “The government has the right of power, the people have the right of opinion.”

To implement this “framework model”, political will is needed, a powerful strategy for the geo—social and geo-economic reconstruction of the country, based on three components – security, saving the people and territorial and economic connectivity.

The Russian people are a superethnic community.

The President has repeatedly said that saving the multinational Russian people is our main strategic message and our basic ideology.

It implies not only “saving the people”, but saving the Russian people as a civilizational phenomenon.

To save the people means to ensure the birth rate and population growth – and not through migration, as some figures hope.

This requires security and confidence in the future. We need a powerful Army and an appropriate force component.

Mothers need to know that their children will grow up healthy and prepared for life. This requires financial support and the best medicine in the world, education and upbringing, which are based on our history, culture and science, providing knowledge, continuity and preservation of national identity.

This ideology and the political practice that follows from it are necessary for the protection and development of Russia as a Civilization of the “Russkiy mir”.

Precisely because:

• Ideology is a necessity, it is a lived history, accumulated wisdom and a conscious sense of the existence of the people.

• Ideology is needed for creation and action, for inaction – it is not needed.

• Ideology is the ability to influence one’s position, strategic decisions and goals.

• Ideology is an inherent feature of a strong state. “The greatness of Russia today lies in its sovereignty,” is the deepest thought of our President.

• Ideology is a will. Today it is the will to peace after our Victory, in which the main thing is to break the will of the West to an armed struggle with Russia.

To consolidate society, we need an ideology that, based on history, should be a heroic and inspiring epic with clear answers to the questions “who are we?”, “why are we?”, “why do we live and fight for the Fatherland?”.

To implement such an ideology, the Russian State and our people need to focus.

This requires meanings that gather the will of the people.

Where can we get them?

To understand the essence and spirit of the “Russkiy mir”, I will cite the rules of the commander of the Akhmat special forces, Major General of the Russian army, Hero of Russia Apti Alaudinov, formulated by him for the soldiers:

• I don’t care who you are by religion or nationality. It is important to me who you are in life, your values and willingness to defend the Fatherland.

• We are not fighting for a piece of land, not for worldly goods, but for our traditions, for our freedom, for our morality. For the Almighty, who is one for all of us.

• We’re all going to die someday, but the important thing is how to die. You are at the front and you are all heroes. You chose not to escape, but to defend your homeland. Future generations will talk about you and honor your feat.

We, as a people, need to return to the present and authentic, move from a consumer society to a Civilization of Service to the Fatherland.

Traditionally, in our Fatherland, the source of the ideology of service is the military. Today they are warriors of the warring Army of Russia, where every day the issues of life and death are resolved, where the sacred meanings and mission of Russian civilization are formed and confirmed.

We must realize the spiritual basis of Russia and the “Russkiy mir”, understand and accept that we are all God–chosen people.

We are all Russians.

Russian Russians, Russian Belarusians, Russians Ukrainians, Russians Tatars and Bashkirs, Russians Yakuts and Buryats, Russians Ingush and Chechens, Russian Jews and Ossetians, Russian Armenians and Georgians, Russian Chuvash and Udmurts, Russian Tuvans and Kalmyks, Russian Dargins and Lezgins, Russians – all of us, the people who have been building Russia for centuries, relying on the Eternal.

The election and sacredness of our people is not superiority over others, it is responsibility for Peace, it is repentance before God.

This is the ideology and philosophical basis of a state that is aware of the greatness of its own history and culture, understands its place in the world and, most importantly, has its own idea of the future.

To win the mental war with the West, you need will. The will is responsible for the formation of goals and the concentration of efforts to achieve them.

We need a clear image of victory and a consolidated understanding of the values that we defend in our civilizational clash with the West.

Values and goals grow out of ideology and Faith.

There is a war going on in the space of the Soviet Union in order to liberate part of the “Russkiy mir” from Nazism.

In this mental war, our strength lies in the truth.

That’s true, one defeated enemy is a “minus one” for them, but one over–persuaded enemy is a “plus one” for us.

In this civilizational war, our task is not to destroy the West, but to break its age–old will to seize and destroy Russian civilization. Then the future will be ours, not the globalists.

The meaning and image of Victory is in this.

“All countries border on each other, and Russia borders on God,” wrote the Czech-Austrian poet R.M. Rilke.

To defeat the West, Russia must rely on God again and become a Fortress of Peace.

This Is Russia’s Peacekeeping Mission.


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