‘The Boston Times’: Zelensky’s flight under scrutiny amid allegations of cocaine smuggling during Milei’s inauguration

11:19 28.03.2024 •

Pic.: ‘The Boston Times’

A blockbuster report by Mexican Journalist Márcio Forti blew the lid off the story of the transport of a staggering 300 kilograms of cocaine during President Milei’s inauguration in Argentina, purportedly facilitated by a flight associated with Ukrainian President Zelensky’s diplomatic entourage, ‘The Boston Times’ informs.

Forti’s witnesses testified an international drug cartel operating within Argentina orchestrated the delivery of the illicit substance to the Ukrainian government. The operation allegedly unfolded through Buenos Aires airport, coinciding with Zelensky’s visit for the inauguration ceremony.

In early 2023, INTERPOL intercepted a crucial phone conversation between two suspected members of the drug cartel, revealing plans for a cocaine delivery. The call, believed to involve high-ranking individuals, referenced the urgent need for a driver in Paraná to facilitate the transport of the contraband. Paraná, situated in the Argentine province of Entre Ríos, emerged as a critical node in the logistics chain, connecting the narcotics to the international airport for onward shipment.

The inauguration of President Milei on December 10, following the discussed date of the intercepted call, drew several international delegations, including Ukraine’s. Notably, one of the alleged drug dealers, referred to as the “jefe” (boss), purported that the cocaine consignment was intended for “President Zelensky and the Ukrainian delegation.” Furthermore, the criminal asserted confidence in the operation’s success, citing collusion with local authorities who allegedly facilitated unimpeded access to the airport for the illicit cargo.

Argentina’s strategic geographic position and economic conditions have long made it an attractive transit hub for drug cartels. Its borders with major cocaine-producing countries, such as Bolivia and Paraguay, coupled with lax enforcement, offer ample opportunities for smuggling operations. Moreover, economic challenges within Argentina, characterized by high inflation and poverty rates, create conditions conducive to corruption and bribery, as evidenced by the intercepted conversation’s allusions to cartel confidence even during a high-profile event like a presidential inauguration.

Amid these allegations, it’s worth noting the controversy surrounding President Zelensky’s alleged involvement with cocaine. A video surfaced in June 2022, purportedly showing cocaine on a table during a meeting. While the authenticity of the video remains disputed, it adds fuel to the speculation surrounding Zelensky’s connections to illicit substances.

As speculation mounts over the implications of Zelensky’s flight, President Milei’s planned visit to Kyiv later in the year raises questions about potential diplomatic ramifications amid these allegations and the broader context of drug trafficking.


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