The children of the sexual revolution: who are they?

15:09 18.03.2013 • Armen Oganesyan , Editor-in-Chief, International Affairs

The sexual revolution in Europe has naturally evolved into a homosexual revolution.

The lower house of the French Parliament has reacted favorably to the adoption of the law on same-sex marriage and the adoption of children by homosexual couples. Then officials in Paris began to exert increasing pressure on Russia demanding that they review the Russian legislation, in which marriage is recognized only if it is committed between a man and a woman.

France has the fifth highest number of foster children/orphans from Russia, and last year the number was 235. After the tragic events connected with the fate of children in foreign families, the Russian side has tightened the conditions of adoption. An official complaint was filed to the French side in connection with the violation of the legislation of the Russian Federation, which requires social services to report on the health status of children adopted for the first three years. As a result, 69 French Departments were blacklisted as unreliable for child adoption. Now, after the National Assembly approved the right of gay couples to adopt children, a market was formed overnight in France for homosexuals who want to adopt Russian boys and girls. For any decision, as we know, there will be lobbyists, and in this case they are very influential.

Here we must bear in mind that the aggressive propaganda of sodomy in France led to the striking fact that for more than the last 12 years, the majority of the French were in favor of the right to gay marriage. Almost 70% of people under 35 are in favor of gay marriage and 70% of young French people support the right to same-sex "family" adoptions. So at least, claimed a survey in June 2011. (For comparison, in Russia, according to a poll by the Moscow based Levada Center in February of this year, 85% of respondents are opposed to the legalization of same-sex marriage and 80% against the right of adoption of children.)

I can give you an example of how such propaganda works, by quoting one of the "advertising" publications: "Millions of French people saw with their own eyes that the families of gay people are as normal, as black families, Jewish families, red headed families, or left handed families. And of course, since then for the absolute majority of the French it seems barbaric to ban normal people from getting married, or ban the building of a full-fledged family and the raising of children. "The remark about blacks, Jews, red haired and the left handed, in general, is phenomenal. Not so much for its stupidity as to the recognition of the fact that these people are considered as something out of the ordinary. Why not simply say: just as normal as the rest of French families.

However, the main aim of this propaganda lie is that neither the French nor the U.S. and no other societies really know what is happening to children in the "families" of same-sex partners. Moreover, a large part of society does not want to know. And, of course, neither the French prime minister, nor the honorable members of the National Assembly are aware either.

In fact, until a generation of children adopted by people of a non-traditional sexual orientation have grown up, it will be impossible to answer the question: what will the children of these "families" grow into? And finally, the University of Austin, Texas (USA) conducted a study for 18 months, which was attended by three thousand people, whose "parents" were in same-sex sexual relations. The study was published in the respected academic publication “Social Science Research”. We present some facts.

If the number of children of heterosexual families infected with venereal diseases is 8%, the rate of venereal infection amongst their peers living with homosexual couples is as high as 25%. In other words, a quarter of them are carriers of sexually transmitted diseases. The level of suicidal tendencies among normal children is 5%, while at the same time among children raised in homosexual "families", 24% of them have admitted recently planning suicide. That is also about one quarter. Researchers link this fact directly with the fact that 31% grew up with a lesbian mother and 25% grew up with a homosexual father, and were somehow forced to have sex against their will, including by the parents. This touches on a very important issue. The so-called "parents" of minority sexual orientation will want to have their "child", to be the successor to the "family tradition," so to speak.

Scientists have shown that sexual identity disorder is an indisputable consequence of abnormal "marriages." In 2009, in the United States a lesbian couple, Brandt and Chapman, broke up. Litigation began between the two "mums" for custody of their adoptive child Yegor Shatabalov. Now we need to try to figure out, how a child from Russia fell into the society of same-sex partners. But fact is fact, and it is hard to imagine that the child came out of this situation mentally sound. It is important to add that, according to expert information leaked to the press, a strong desire to change sex arose in this child. This case, as well as research in Texas, dismisses the claim that same-sex partnerships do not affect the child's choice of sexual orientation. According to research by the University of Texas, from 30 to 40% of children of gay people are in the zone of uncertain sexual identity and 40% of them think that infidelity is acceptable, whilst in traditional families those that consider infidelity to be acceptable is 13%.

Finally, the research highlighted the socio-economic aspects. If for many politicians morality does not count, which is of course nothing new, the economic reality, especially in times of crisis, must be an absolute priority for them. So, 28% of those who come from families where the "mother" was a lesbian are unemployed. In ordinary families this level is no higher than 8%. If in heterosexual families, only 10% are living on state benefits, then members of the surveyed children of homosexual "families" living on welfare is almost four times as much. Also less than a quarter of them are employed full-time.

“The Heritage Foundation”, in particular, said: «Results of the Regnerus study reveal that having a parent who is or has been in a same-sex relationship is generally associated with more negative adult outcomes, especially when compared with adult children from intact biological families. For example, adults whose mother or father had a same-sex relationship have lower educational attainment than adults who grew up with their two married biological parents. They are also more likely to receive welfare, experience depression, smoke, and be arrested. These differences remain after controlling for a variety of other childhood circumstances, such as race, family income, and state of residence. […]

The Regnerus study is not merely capturing the effects of family structure is that same-sex parenting involves greater risk of instability relative to biological families insofar as one parent is biologically related to the child and one parent is not. Even if nothing about sexual orientation or same-sex gender dynamics affects the quality of parenting, outcomes associated with such same-sex step-families are likely to entail the same challenges and instability associated with heterosexual step-families.

In addition, emerging data indicate high divorce rates among same-sex couples. In Scandinavia, same-sex civil unions—essentially marriages in everything but name—have been legal for about two decades. After controlling for age, region, country of birth, education, and duration of the partnership, male couples in Sweden were 35 percent more likely to divorce than heterosexual couples, and lesbian partners were over 200 percent more likely to divorce. Whether the couples have children makes little difference in the relative rates. […]

Despite what some media reports might suggest, Regnerus’s study draws no conclusions about how marriage should be defined. The report focuses on the data, not their implications for the political and legal debate. However, his study is significant because its findings discredit a popular argument for same-sex marriage: that it makes no difference whether children are raised by parents who had a same-sex relationship or by a married mother and father, an argument that the existing data cannot support. […]

The new information provided by the Regnerus study should enhance—not preempt—debate about the important policy questions related to the institution of marriage. Both sides of the debate should welcome Regnerus’s research as a careful, data-driven contribution to an issue of such magnitude as the future of marriage. […]

Sober, fair-minded analysis is especially important when research has implication for an issue as politically charged as same-sex marriage».


Needless to say, that Professor Regnerus, who led the study, was subjected to every conceivable attack by activists in support of gay marriage. They categorically insisted that the research results should not be made public. They even demanded that the professor be expelled from the university. As a result, a special investigation, consisting of an independent scientific council, issued a verdict: the study was conducted at the highest level and met all academic requirements. Following this, in November 2012, an authoritative sociological publication published a further article defending the results. After this the newspaper “The New York Times” conducted an examination which recognized that neither the methodology nor the conclusions reached showed any signs of violation of scientific integrity and ethics. It is noteworthy that during the examination not only were the methodology and findings carefully analyzed but even the electronic correspondence between the researchers.

However the main point of this whole "Texas Story" is something else. It reveals an amazing sense; or rather lack of sense, of what is happening today. When the decisions of governments and parliaments are not preceded by proper scientific review, and the parliaments and governments yield to powerful pressures from sexual minorities, they adopt national laws and even try to transpose them under the laws of other countries.

Historians know that homosexual revolutions always precede the disintegration of states, nations, and empires. So maybe we should carve multiple copies of salt pillars depicting the wife of Lot, and place them in front of some parliaments and congresses, as in edification.<!--EndFragment-->


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