The Embassy of Russia in UK: “London appears to have learned the wrong lessons from past events”

15:31 16.02.2024 •

Russian Embassy comment on statements by British officials in support of Ukraine:

“British officials continue to plead with their Western allies to keep on providing military aid to their Kiev proxies. UK Foreign Secretary David Cameron is particularly persistent, diligently explaining to US Congressmen that donations to the Kiev military are an extremely “successful investment” towards the security of the collective West. These cynical calculations clearly confirm London’s indifference to the fate of ordinary Ukrainians, whose lives are viewed as expendable.

This is not the first time that the top British diplomat pronounces historical parallels – almost going over the top - with the 1930s, when a number of European countries, including Great Britain itself, arranged the criminal “Munich Agreement”. By sacrificing Czechoslovakia, London and Paris sought not so much to “appease” Nazi Germany as to direct its aggression to the East, towards the borders of the Soviet Union.

The thinking-process of the British establishment at the time is convincingly evidenced by historical documents, including the transcript of the conversation between Hitler and Lord Halifax on November 17, 1937, published in 1948 by the USSR Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The soon-to-be-appointed British Foreign Minister, to the satisfaction of the Fuhrer, underscored the urgency of four Western European powers – Great Britain itself, as well as Germany, Italy and France – uniting their forces in the fight against Soviet Bolshevism. To achieve this London was ready to give the Nazis a free hand in Central and Eastern Europe, and “possible alterations to the European order” were specifically mentioned with regard to “Danzig, Austria and Czechoslovakia.” This message was unambiguously interpreted by Hitler as a “green light” for moving ahead with the planned appropriation of “Lebensraum” in Europe.

We welcome the desire of another British lord, UK Foreign Secretary David Cameron, to refresh his colleagues’ memory about the most shameful pages of British history. However, London appears to have learned the wrong lessons from past events.

Against the backdrop of yet another terrorist missile attack by the armed forces of Ukraine against the peaceful city of Belgorod, which resulted in numerous dead and wounded, we call on the Foreign Secretary to call a spade a spade: in advocating military assistance to the Zelensky regime, he is condoning Nazism, much like his predecessors in the highest echelons of British power almost 90 years ago. The world is still quivering from the shocking consequences of their missteps.”


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