The France-Germany union no longer exists

12:25 11.10.2023 •

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz

The France-Germany union no longer exists, Paris must make sovereign decisions and stop submitting to the dictates of other countries, says the leader of the French Patriots party, Florian Philippot.

“The France-Germany pair no longer exists. The only pair that exists is the master-slave union, and, unfortunately, we are slaves here. What is absolutely clear is that politically we are inferior to Germany in all matters. There is no reproach for Germany here: they think about their national interests. And our rulers betray us, submitting to other people’s interests,” he told RIA Novosti.

French President Emmanuel Macron (photo) began a two-day visit to Germany, where he meets in an informal atmosphere with German Chancellor Olaf Scholz.

In the unusual format of walks and boat rides, Macron, who always emphasizes the special role of the “France-Germany pair” in the EU, hopes to approach Scholz in a friendly manner and try to achieve a rapprochement of the positions of Paris and Berlin on a number of issues that have reached a dead-end, including especially in the fields of defense and energy.

“Today we must put an end to this myth about the Franco-German alliance, which, by the way, is talked about only in France and nowhere in Germany. It is necessary that France be a sovereign state that would work on equal terms with other European and other countries and would stop obey Washington, Berlin, Brussels. We must be a free state," Filippo said.

He, in particular, pointed out that Germany “virtually destroyed” the French energy company EDF, which is a competitor to German manufacturers in the European market. Germany, which abandoned nuclear power, lobbied for the adoption of EU regulation that opened the EU energy market and equated the cost of cheap nuclear electricity in France with expensive German gas.

Paris was also forced to make concessions due to Berlin's desire to continue producing cars with internal combustion engines using electric fuel after 2035, in opposition to the European Union's decision to stop their production in order to achieve carbon neutrality.

Macron, a champion of EU defense sovereignty, has also repeatedly been critical of Germany's decision to buy American weapons rather than pursue a partnership with France to build a European fighter jet and a new tank, Filippo recalled.


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