The German foreign minister does not understand what is happening

10:48 25.08.2023 •

German foreign minister Annalena Baerbock (photo) expressed her disappointment at the impact of sanctions against Russia because of the war against Ukraine. “Economic sanctions were supposed to have an economic effect. But it's not. Because the logic of democracies does not work in autocracies,” the Green Party politician said in an interview. "We have seen that this war cannot be ended with rational decisions, rational measures taken by civilized governments."

The Spiegel magazine, which quotes the minister, notes in this regard that the Western allies hit Russia with large-scale economic punitive measures because of the attack on Ukraine. However, despite these measures, the Russian economy is growing, while the German economy has slipped into recession at the beginning of the year.

…Baerbock, in other words, confirms that Western sanctions can only affect countries that are part of the Western sphere of dominance – they call these countries ‘democracies’. Those who do not obey Western rules they call ‘autocracies’. Just very understandable gradation for everybody – West can coerce only those who are part of its system of subordination.


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