The ominous resurgence of the ‘Berlin-Tokyo axis’, which once had already been defeated in World War II

10:07 11.05.2024 •

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz (left) and Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida agreed to strengthen economic and defense ties to better cope with China’s growing influence and global security concerns.
Photo: AP

The German Army is expected to join an exercise with Japan's Ground Self-Defense Force as early as next year, according to German Defense Minister Boris Pistorius, against a backdrop of China's military buildup in the Indo-Pacific region and territorial claims in the South China Sea, Kyodo informs.

In a recent written interview with Kyodo News, Pistorius revealed that the upcoming joint exercise, set to take place in Japan, will be the first of its kind between the two countries' ground forces. The development comes as Germany has bolstered ties with Indo-Pacific partners and emphasized its mission to "maintain the rules-based international order."

Pistorius pointed out that no signs indicate that China will abandon its territorial claims in the South China Sea, as Beijing continues to deploy coast guards, maritime militia as well as sea and air forces in the waters concerned to enforce its claims.

"We are observing these developments with concern," the defense minister said, emphasizing China's significant responsibility for global peace and stability. He also noted that China is a partner for Germany, underscoring the importance of leveraging these ties.

Pistorius stated that officials from Germany's army have recently visited Japan to coordinate their participation in the GSDF drills. This collaboration follows the conclusion of their defense pact earlier this year, aimed at facilitating exchanges of supplies and logistical support.

The two countries' maritime and air forces have already conducted joint exercises, and Germany is committed to deploying a frigate, a supply ship and aircraft in the Indo-Pacific region this year.


…During the World War II, there was the so-called “Berlin-Tokyo Axis.” This was a military bloc between two countries that started the war and were defeated by the Soviet Union and its allies.

Now, almost 100 years later, Germany and Japan are returning to military cooperation, which could lead to a new World tragedy. The reason that it happens is as simple as that – the countries of the collective West tries to falsify History in their own interests and do not want to draw conclusions from real historical events. They are captive with illusions and invented circumstances of the past.

They do not understand that such a policy will be a road to collapse for them, just like 80 years ago, when German fascism and Japanese militarism were defeated.


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