The Ukraine-American Gordian Knot: Ukraine should cease and desist all of its insidious interference in American politics

16:01 08.07.2023 •

New York. Times Square

‘The American Greatness’ publishes a facts selection that show how deeply the policies of the Kyiv regime affect the politics of Washington. It's surprising but true – Zelensky is manipulating the decisions that the Biden administration makes.

The illegal efforts of Ukrainians to lobby for arms shipments will prove counter-productive. And if not curtailed, the interference will turn off Americans enough to cut this tangled Ukrainian Knot, they say in the publication.

Most Americans sympathize with Ukraine and were and are willing to supply it with defensive weapons. So given such U.S. largess, Ukraine currently enjoys the third-largest defense budget in the world, behind only the United States itself and China in annual outlays. That ‘Gargantuan expenditure’ is a result almost exclusively of American massive arms shipments and other NATO countries’ arms transfers, all based on a commitment to help Ukraine repel Russian aggression. Officials in Russia, Ukraine, and the United States have all agreed that the war is a high-stakes proxy conflict between nuclear Russia and nuclear NATO.

Then there is the elephant in the room that no one acknowledges. In the last eight years, Ukraine has insidiously managed to massage U.S. domestic politics in a fashion like no other nation in recent memory. Kyiv’s intrusion is ironic, since we had been lectured nonstop about foreign meddling involving nonexistent “Russian collusion” and “Russian disinformation.”

From 2013 onward, Ukrainian opponents of the then-Kyiv government sought out officials high up in the Obama Administration to aid in their efforts to remove the elected, albeit pro-Russian, president and then to help fast track the proper successor government.

In 2015-2016, on the assumption that Hillary Clinton was a shoo-in for the presidency, a Ukrainian-American consultant was hired by the Democratic National Committee. More specifically, she colluded with the hierarchy of the Ukrainian embassy in Washington, D.C., to derail Trump’s then-campaign manager Paul Manafort on grounds he was too friendly with the Russians.

POLITICO reported at the time that the same Alexandra Chalupa, a Clinton acolyte, as part of her $412,000 fee from the DNC, also tapped Ukrainian sources to advance the narrative of Trump-Russian collusion — a project apparently aided indirectly by the Ukrainian Embassy.

Zelenskyy and other members of the Ukrainian government reportedly have also called U.S. news agencies to complain about occasionally unfavorable coverage of the current war. Most notably, liberal media outlets report calls from Zelenskyy himself to the Fox News hierarchy, complaining, in particular, about the perceived anti-Zelenskyy commentaries of Tucker Carlson. Those reported contacts preceded Carlson’s own firing from Fox News.

Then we have the Biden family consortium and its lucrative multimillion-dollar Burisma profiteering. Disputes over the Biden lobbying, along with Vindman’s testimonies, prompted the impeachment of the president of the United States.

So ponder this complex Ukrainian Gordian Knot: We have Ukrainian government officials and oligarchs interfering in the highest processes of the U.S. government.

Their ambassador damned a leading presidential candidate in the 2016 race in an op-ed.

The DNC paid a pro-Ukrainian activist hundreds of thousands of dollars to participate in the “sourcing” of the bogus Steele dossier that sought to sabotage a presidential campaign and presidency.

A Ukrainian-American, pro-Ukrainian activist helped launch the impeachment of the president of the United States by likely improperly leaking the content of a president’s phone call. The Ukrainian government subsequently offered the same officer the minister of defense post, and he is currently the CEO of his own defense contracting company that is lobbying for multimillion-dollar contracts with Kyiv to provide support services for Ukraine’s military. His company depends on a continued and constant flow of Western arms into Ukraine.

There are now stunning revelations that oligarchs with close ties to the Ukrainian government may have paid the current Oval Office occupant, when he was vice president, along with his son, at least $10 million in exchange for influence peddling.

To the degree that the United States supports the brave efforts of Ukrainian resistance is nevertheless a purely American matter.

The continued extracurricular and illegal efforts of Ukrainians to lobby for increased arms shipments will prove counterproductive eventually. And if not curtailed, the interference will turn off Americans enough to cut this tangled Ukrainian Knot.

For Ukraine’s own sake and self-interest, it should cease and desist all of its insidious interference in American politics, stresses ‘The American Greatness’.


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