The US and South Africa failed to extend the "123 agreement" in the field of nuclear energy

10:21 15.04.2023 •

The South African nuclear power plant Koeberg

The US continues to lose ground in Africa.

The US and South Africa are forced to re-discuss and prepare the text of the intergovernmental agreement "123" on cooperation in the peaceful nuclear field instead of extending the previous agreement.

The “123” Agreement between the US and South Africa was signed in August 1995 and entered into force in December 1997. Its validity period was coming to an end in December 2022, but it was not possible to renew it, ‘Atominfo’ reports.

An obstacle to the extension was the decision of the Western Cape High Court, which annulled the nuclear intergovernmental agreements with the United States in 2017. The court considered that this document should have been agreed in the Parliament of South Africa, but this was not done.

Thus, from a formal point of view, the “123” has not entered into force, and its extension turned out to be impossible.

In January 2023, Westinghouse was unable to supply fuel to the South African nuclear power plant Koeberg due to the lack of a valid “123” agreement between the US and South Africa. Now they have only a remained temporary agreement, but it does not give any guarantees to the Americans.


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