The West is abandoning the freedom of speech

11:57 14.02.2023 •

The West is abandoning one of the most important foundations of its existence – the West is abandoning the freedom of speech. The recent statement by the head of EU diplomacy Borrell is indicative. He said that the ban on the spread of information from Russia is "a protection of freedom of speech in Europe." That is, Borrell does not allow any other point of view or any opinion that the EU leadership does not like. This is called ‘total control’ and censorship over the minds of Europeans.

Recently, documentary evidences of this trend have come, when freedom of speech was abolished in the West. The Polish publication ‘Mysl Polska’ wrote that Polish society is in the grip of censorship.

Political scientist Mateusz Piskorski spent three years in prison for "embarrassing public opinion." Since May 2021, human rights activist Janusz Niedźwiecki has been imprisoned with the same charge. Henryk Mieketyn, a 71-year-old pensioner from Glogov, has been investigated for commenting on social media that Russian President Vladimir Putin “is fighting for peace”. The Hlogovskaya district prosecutor's office saw this as "a public incitement to military aggression."

Attacks in the press and threats of criminal prosecution are subjected to prof. Andrzej Zapałowski, historian Włodzimierz Osadczy and Dr. Lucyna Kulińska for reprinting some of their texts or quotes in the Russian media. Zapalovsky, Osadchy and Kulinska call for an uncompromising condemnation of the ideology of Ukrainian nationalism and criticize Warsaw for helping Zelensky at the expense of Poland's defense capability.

Poland is turning into a police state where the truth about Russia's actions is automatically perceived as a crime, ‘Mysl Polska’ stresses.

One more story.

In the US, famed TV presenter Tucker Carlson, on The Tulsi Gabbard Show "Life, death, power, the CIA & the end of journalism," told some amazing things.

Here is a transcript of an excerpt from that conversation. Tucker Carlson said:

“You don't have a democracy when you have powerful government spy agencies with multi-billion dollar black budgets turning their powers against the population. So in my case not a complicated story.

I wanted to interview Putin. This is before the Ukraine war. Because I always wanted to go to Russia, I want to meet Putin – he's a player in world affairs. Why wouldn't I want to interview him? That's my job.

So I didn't tell anybody actually including at my company or my producers or whatever. I reached out to a friend of mine who I thought might know somebody. We had a bunch of exchanges about this got in touch with the Russians.

And then I got a call last summer. A very, very close one of my closest friends in Washington saying: “Hey, why don't you come up on Sunday – I need to talk to you about something. I know someone, not a low-level person at all, who told me that ‘you are trying to get a Putin interview and go to Russia.'” Nobody knew this now one person knew this. So the hair on my arms went up and so I knew this was real and they have your emails, your text and they're going to leak them to the media to discredit you as a ‘Putin lover’. And I was rattled by.

I mean I'm not often rattled just because I've been doing this for so long, but that bothered me. So I called a U.S senator who I don't know very well but for some reason I kind of trusted. I told him, I don't know what you know, what's going, but I want you to know. I'm paying my taxes, I don't actually have much to hide. But you know people, a lot of people have things to hide and by the way in a free Society you're allowed to hide them. There's no freedom without privacy.

Like we don't have to tell everybody everything that's not required. And when it is required we're living in a totalitarian system.

So I believe in privacy there are members of Congress who are controlled by the Intel agencies. I'm not speculating on this you know. I live there for 35 years, I had a very high ranking very high ranking member of the House Intel committee tell me at dinner at a restaurant in Washington. We got to talk about this. And I said they're still spying at me…

They told somebody that I was ‘a Russian agent’ or something and I was outraged. The Intel briefers told me that ‘you were working for Russia’. Did you see the evidence that I was a Russian agent? I'm an American, I was born here, I've never lived anywhere else pretty patriotic.

I'm just telling you there are members of Congress who were controlled by the Intel agencies and that's a fact. And I just think that that's completely incompatible with the free society or with the democracy. And I don't know why nobody ever says it.

Spy agencies are controlling the outcome of domestic. That's a dictatorship.

My understanding was that representative democracy is a system in which the population gets to govern their own country through their representatives. You're describing a completely different system where they are disenfranchised and disempowered and then controlled by people who've never been elected by anybody.

Whatever you call that – is the opposite of democracy. That is not democracy.”

The most popular TV person was surprised to find: “That is not democracy…” It is not.  That's a western type of dictatorship.


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