“They will never reach the front”: American M1A1 Abrams tanks continue to be in the rear areas

9:47 24.02.2024 •

There was a confirmation by both Ukrainian soldiers and US officials in November 2022 that all 31 Abrams tanks donated to Ukraine had reached their intended destination.
Photo: Army Recognition

American Tanks M1A1 Abrams, transferred to Ukraine last year, still will not reach the front line, continuing to ride somewhere in the rear areas.

However, every appearance of these tanks on the road causes delight among Ukrainian commentators; it seems that as soon as the Abrams appear on the battlefield, the offensive of the Russian army will end. But the command of the Armed Forces of Ukraine thinks differently, which is why American vehicles, already nicknamed “invisible”, are still far from the front line.

Earlier, another video appeared on the Internet in which M1A1 Abrams were allegedly filmed in the Avdeevka area, where they were planned to be used to stop the Russian offensive. As it turned out, this was another fake launched by Ukrainian propaganda; American tanks never reached the front.

In total, the Americans handed over 31 M1A1 Abrams tanks to Kyiv in the simplest configuration, removing everything that should not fall into the hands of the Russian army. The Ukrainian military is independently installing dynamic protection on the Americans, taking into account the experience of the meeting between German Leopard MBTs and the Russian military. The Germans are burning very well, American tanks will burn no worse, all that remains is to transfer them to the front.

Meanwhile, the West also drew attention to the strange situation with American tanks. Some Western publications are wondering why there was a need to rush the delivery of tanks if they are not used on the battlefield.

The Abrams tanks first made their way to Ukraine in 2023. Since then, they have seldom been seen in images with American machinery at the frontline. This lack of visibility could be due to the tanks being used not primarily for direct combat but rather in a supporting role for other machinery used on the frontline.

As pointed out by Forbes in January this year, Abrams tanks are often absent from online photos because they function as observational tools for defenders, owing to having "the best sensors of all Ukrainian tanks".

The massive machine weighs approximately 63 tons and spans almost 33 feet. Now, tanks boasting modified armor modules have arrived in Kyiv. The standard depleted uranium panels have been replaced with tungsten inserts in the vehicles intended for Ukraine. This change is prompted by US concerns about its high-tech American technology accidentally falling into Russian hands.

The Kremlin said that US supplies of long-range ATACMS missiles and Abrams tanks to Ukraine would not change the situation on the battlefield.

Asked about the issue at a regular news briefing, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said the Russian armed forces were constantly adapting to the use of new types of weapons at the special military operation (SVO) in Ukraine, Reuters said.

"All this can in no way affect the essence of the SVO and its outcome. There is no panacea and no one type of weapon that can change the balance of power on the battlefield," he said.


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